Human Rights Inquiry Rules Against Kentville Police

first_imgHUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION–Human Rights Inquiry Rules AgainstKentville Police compensate Ms. Saunders for lost wages for the period from Dec. 17, 1999 to May 17, 2000 (the time when she would have left on maternity leave); develop a workplace policy concerning pregnant police officers. consider Ms. Saunders for the first vacant position matching her qualifications; Mr. Deveau has retained jurisdiction over the matter should theparties be unable to agree on the details for a policy. Boards of inquiry are the final stage in the human rightscomplaint process. They are independent, public hearings intocomplaints of discrimination. The full text of the inquiry’s decision is available on the HumanRights Commission’s website at . pay Ms. Saunders $2,000 in general damages for emotional stress and anxiety; A human rights board of inquiry has found that a former Kentvillepolice constable was discriminated against when she was forced toleave her job with the Kentville Police Service after revealingshe was pregnant. Inquiry chair Gilles Deveau concluded that the police service andthen-chief Brian MacLean failed in their duty to accommodateConst. Patricia Saunders when they became aware of her pregnancy. In September 1999, Ms. Saunders, of Kentville, informed Mr.MacLean that she was pregnant and requested assignment to lightduties. She was told none were available. Ms. Saunders claimedwhen light duties were not forthcoming she was left with nochoice but to leave her job with the police service in December1999. The Police Association of Nova Scotia (PANS), which representsthe town’s police officers, told the inquiry that they hadoffered to support the Kentville Police Service in accommodatingMs. Saunders. “Little effort was made (by the police service) to assemble anumber of duties and functions on a temporary basis in spite ofthe persistent and formal offer of support and co-operation fromPANS in searching for ways of accommodating Ms. Saunders,” wroteMr. Deveau in his final decision. The chair ordered Kentville Police Service to: last_img read more