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first_imgShop on the Corner in the Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church at 3900 Trinity Dr. Courtesy photoSHOP ON THE CORNER News:Proceeds from sales Wednesday at the Shop on the Corner thrift store in the Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church will be donated to Hurricane Dorian disaster relief. Support from patrons will go to provide immediate needs such as food, water and basic needs and long-term assistance.Shop on the Corner is open 8:30 a.m. to noon Wednesday at TOTH, 3900 Trinity Dr.last_img

Slavia cannot be faced, she is stronger. I don’t have…

first_imgThe winner of the poll, the best coach of the league, Jindřich Trpišovský, was significantly strengthened by the staff of Slavia’s management, you finished second in it and your team is scattered. Isn’t that unfair?I have to smile at this question… I could use the already established football message, which was liked by the former chairman of the association Míra Pelt, that a stronger dog – I will no longer be vulgar. It is so with football all over the world that the stronger has the right to choose first.Do you mean Jindřich Trpišovský, who is stronger than Pavel Hoftych, or Slavia, who is superior to Liberec?Both. In the first place, however, Slavia. It works according to data with the largest budget, it can afford anything, it cannot be countered or prevented. On the contrary, I am also glad from a certain point of view that she reached into our ranks, as it significantly helped the Slavs to secure the budget for the next season. She has chosen players who she believes can immediately increase her quality, which is a good business card for the work of our implementation team. Jindra is currently the best coach in our country, number one. He can work well with staff, plays attractive football and has success. At the same time, he bit through from below, first going through a difficult path. Plus, we’re friends.You acknowledge that the transfers of your former charges to the red and white jersey will help secure Slovan Liberec’s budget. Are you personally interested in the inflow of money, percentages or premiums?I have no percentage in the contract, but given that my colleagues and I have a guaranteed regular monthly income in Liberec, I heard from hearing that there have never been the slightest problem with payments for twenty years, so I accept it as a bonus that with our work there was satisfaction and the reward comes in this form. I take this as an important condition for a quiet personal life.However, no coach is thrilled that when a capable manchaft, with which he gets results and impresses him with a pleasing playing style, the club management disperses him. Didn’t you push the players not to leave?Changes in the staff of Slovan Liberec Excrement– Ondrej Karafiat (Slavia)– Tomas Malinsky (Slavia)– Michal Beran (Slavia)– Jan Kuchta (Slavia)– Matěj Hybš (Pilsen)– Achmed Alibekov (return from hosting)– Alexandru Baluta (return from hosting)Arrivals– Jakub Hromada (guest from Slavia)– Mohamed Tijani (guest from Slavia) – Jan Matoušek (guest from Slavia)– Jakub Jugas (guest from Slavia)– Júsuf Hilál (guest from Slavia)– Daniel Kosek (guest from Slavia)– Jhon Mosquera (free agent)– Michael Rabušic (free agent)It is difficult. I don’t take guests, they weren’t even in the hands of the Liberec leadership, but some of the boys’ contracts were running out and they wanted to move logically. Such as Ondra Karafiát. On the contrary, I commend the management of the club for allowing it to finish the spring season in the A – team, they did not put it somewhere in the reserve. At the same time, they knew that they would not get a crown for it. This included offers for Beran, Malinský and Kuchta, who, by moving to Slavia, began to dream of the Champions League and other Czech titles. Slovan did not want to defend them in luck, then other players perceive it positively. In addition, I know that this is the age-old philosophy of the club, with this knowledge I came to Slovan. The assignment was clear.We are now balancing a successful season. But can it be said today, how far have you been since release?No one threatened me, no one put an ultimatum in front of me. I have good relations with direct superiors, whether it is director Libor Kleibl or sports director Zdeněk Koukal, as a coach to my owners (Ludvík Karl, owner of the glass company Preciosa) recommended. For them, too, it would be a loss if they had to fire me after a few laps. In my opinion, the turning point was the match in Karviná, where we won. Until then, we only had three points, it was difficult. If we didn’t make it, we would fall to the last place, with a gap of five points on the rung, which means rescue. Such a situation would not be pleasant for the future of Liberec and its team.You start again with a new staff. Does such work fulfill you? Wouldn’t you rather develop something already built?I can imagine that we would continue with last year’s staff and just supplement it appropriately. However, this is a reality that I accept. As for me, I consider myself a type rather uncomfortable. But what is very important to me is who I am surrounded by, what people I work with. Pavel Medynský, Míra Holeňák, Mára Čech and others are in the implementation team with me. We are there to allow players to advance in their careers.You experienced a similar situation in Bohemians Prague. Was she different in something?Bohemka certainly did not have such possibilities as Liberec. The management did not have the opportunity to bring such players, even for hosting, as Baluta, Hromada or Musa.You draw attention again to the cooperation with Slavia. But the Bohemians are much closer here, just two tram stops. Why didn’t it develop successfully?First of all, Bohemka was not so strong financially. In my period, I go back to the years 2008 – 2011, she went to one audition after another. It owed the others, the payouts were late, it was done on the knees. One pearl: before the match with Jablonec, I came to an excellent man and official, Lukáš Přibyl, who is unfortunately no longer with us, and complained that I had problems with the line-up. There were more injuries. Luke had the gift of not putting anyone under stress. He replied to me: Be calm, on Monday there is a court where Bohemka will probably disappear. And he started laughing. He eased the situation immensely. What a result when it comes to existence… The team was also older, because older players were cheaper in the market. They were great boys, they worked well, but when we treated them, they bit worse than the young people who are in Liberec.Mosquera? I just passed the messageAre you watching how the Bohemians are doing now?Hats off where she moved. Darek Jakubowicz deserves huge recognition. He took over the club in big trouble, today he works without lawsuits, no one is kicking him out of the stadium. In addition, they have an excellent coach (Ludek Klusacek) and a very good staff. I continue to support them a lot.You also left a significant mark in Bohemians, the fans like to remember you. But they say – for Hoftych, she was the real Bohemka, the warriors,heartthrobs. However, the Liberec team could also be watched, they played likable modern offensive football. What is it?Let’s go back to the moment when I came to Ďolíček. She was in the second league, we wanted to advance, but I inspected the manchaft and knew that it wouldn’t work. We had fighters, aggressors, Lukáš Hartig and Martin Nešpor in the front, a tall Škoďák at the tip (Milan Škoda), a real shooter. So we simplified it and played it. And they succeeded. However, the third year was different, the footballers also came – Moravec, Kaufmann, I dare say that we played relatively nice football as we do now with Liberec. Unfortunately, we did not have a stadium and had to guest in the Slavic Eden, the fans bit and did not go and claimed how to look at us. However, we finished sixth and played really nice football. However, the fans remembered Ďolíček, where we really had our results based on the war.Now they tell you that you took their Colombian midfielder Jhon Mosquera. How was it?No wonder they are upset, Mosqy is a really interesting footballer. I’ll tell you how it was. I received a message from the scout environment, which I would say to him that he is free and has no contract anywhere. I handed it over to the management, but he thought that it would not be interesting for him, because he is already thirty years old and Liberec does not work very well with such old players. But he evaluated it as an interesting reinforcement. No initiative came from me to find out specifically how he liked Bohemka. Mosquera is here, he agreed with the Liberec leadership, as he had with Bohemka, it’s beyond me.During a very successful stall in Trnava, you worked as a sports director. When you were lured back by the Bohemians, you declared that you would no longer be a coach. Everything is different in Liberec, you are a coach again. What’s the difference?I was in contact with the club and the team of fans, we even went to the owner of Trnava, Mr. Pór, to see Bohemka financially or managerially. There was also a debate with Dark Jakubowicz, we suggested that I could strengthen sports management together with Mirek Držmíšek, with whom we are friends. I didn’t really think about training. Then Liberec appeared, I discussed it with Míra Holeňák, with whom I played in Zlín. He also contacted me by the way, but I didn’t want to go that far. However, I was not approached by Liberec alone, negotiations with Luboš Kozel took place, but he was bound by a contract with the FACR. After interviews with the owner, we agreed on the intentions. I just insisted that I put together an implementation team as needed. That worked.It seems a little strange to me that Ústí nad Labem did not remember such a successful native. Didn’t the local club crave your services? Now it is taken over by another Ústí nad Labem native, Jiří Jarošík, who tried to entice Martin Vaniak and others to cooperate.I was in contact with Jirka Dušek seven years ago, who worked in the Ústí club and we knew each other as a teenager, but I had a contract in České Budějovice at the time. I told him that I still had a relationship with Ústí, but my steps are not leading back yet, then I took over the national youth selections. I still go to Ústí to see my mother, who is already old, to my sister Vladka to Liboňov, which is a cottage settlement near Telnice. I know that people associate me a lot with Moravia, in Zlín I spent the most significant part of my active career, eighteen long years. Some claim that I have a Moravian accent. At the same time, my wife Lenka also comes from Ústí, she played basketball for him competitively. Even a daughter was born there. Maybe sometimes I will return to Ústí professionally.Emigrant’s son? I haven’t experienced the hardshipThere is another lesser-known fact about your life: your father went abroad illegally under the communist regime, becoming an enemy of the people and condemning him. Did you have a problem with that?My father Bořivoj, a project engineer for heating, capacity in his field, left in 1970, when I was three years old, brother Petr five. I wouldn’t say that I had a problem with that, I even enlisted in Dukla Prague for the war. I was transferred to Žatec not for cadre reasons, but because I didn’t have one. I don’t remember the time of the Comanches well, but I don’t experience any hardships. Maybe a mother, certainly a grandmother with a grandfather, certainly one, because my grandfather on his mother’s side, Neuwirth, used to be the mayor of Neštěmice. It was uncomfortable for them that their son-in-law emigrated. My children were always happy when Dad came a package from Germany. Quelle magazines, digital watches, chewing gum, clothing. It just bothered me why it was so bad there, when they have such beautiful things that were not available in socialist Czechoslovakia.Did you meet your father after the revolution?Only once, in the nineties. RH Cheb went to the match in Bayeruth, he came to the hotel with me. We haven’t seen each other since, just written. He couldn’t help me in his career. But I have one incident. We thought with Honza Kolečkář, who then worked for Nova TV, that we would go to work in Germany in 1990. We considered what we would write in the questionnaire as job seekers. I’m saying I’m a chemist operator. Franta Pavlíček would introduce the construction industry. Honza Kolečkář sighed – I, gentlemen, somewhere, I studied Marxism-Leninism at the Faculty of Arts… I might have gained citizenship more easily through my father, but that would be all. But I didn’t have the thoughts or the time to do it, I played the league.Have you never encountered a pungent remark?With one yes and a lot of fun. When I was in Zlín together with Vlasta Mareček the assistant of coach František Komňacký and I made him angry with various jokes, he was once terrified: You are still the emigrant’s son!last_img read more

McFadden penalty fires Illistrin to Dessie Kelly Cup glory

first_imgA JODIE McFadden penalty was all that was needed for Illistrin to win the Donegal Women’s League U16 Dessie Kelly Cup.Mulroy Academy 0-1 Illistrin FCIn a very evenly contested game held in Leckview Park, both teams played excellent football. Illistrin started brightest with Jodie McFadden sent though by a great ball by Maria Kealy after five minutes s, but Meabh Duffy in the Mulroy goal was in great form all night.Sarah McGinley should have put Illistrin after a shot by Aisling Coll was deflected to Sarah’s feet but Aoife Sweeney clear the ball off the line.As the game progressed Megan McLoughlin got more into the game and drove forward from midfield but Orla Corry was equal to the challenge with a good save.Clodagh Heron also had a good effort but just went wide of the post. Erika Gallagher and another from Jodie McFadden tested Meabh once again.Mulroy’s defence was equal to the challenge of the Illistrin attack.However, on the hour mark Jodie McFadden was taken down in the box and converted the penalty herself which was the only goal in the game.McFadden penalty fires Illistrin to Dessie Kelly Cup glory was last modified: September 11th, 2019 by Chris McNultyShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Video Tiny robot walks jumps on water

first_imgResearchers have designed and built a tiny robot that not only walks on water, but leaps free from its surface, talents that mimic the water strider. The insects are so light they ride high on the water’s surface, and they use the especially hairy feet on their middle set of legs to row their way across the water. Previously, engineers have designed striderlike robots that can walk on water, too, but they’ve never been able to duplicate the insect’s ability to jump and escape (first 9 seconds of video, above)—until now. The new bugbot is about twice the size of a water strider and tips the scales at just 68 milligrams, a small fraction of the weight that water’s surface tension can support on an area that size, the researchers report online today in Science. Just like its insect role model, the robot uses four legs to propel its leap from either a solid surface or from water—but it does so using the energy stored in a spring-loaded device that mimics the action of a flea’s leg when it jumps. This heat-activated spring is fine-tuned so that it pulls the bugbot’s flexible, curved-at-the-tip legs inward and downward at a speed just below that that would pierce the water’s surface (last 15 seconds of video), thus producing a successful leap rather than a flailing flop. A superrepellent coating on the robot’s feet and legs help prevent the water from slowing down its ascent. Although the bugbot’s body rests just 1 centimeter above the water’s surface and its legs are just 5 centimeters long, it can leap to a height of more than 14 centimeters, the researchers note. During test jumps, the robot briefly experienced accelerations of about 13.8 g—more than three times those stomached by astronauts on the space shuttle as they were boosted into orbit. Results of the new study may help engineers design bugbots that could be deployed in swarms for environmental monitoring, search and rescue operations, or the surreptitious surveillance of an enemy.   (Video credit: Seoul National University;(Video editor) Sarah Crespi/Science)last_img read more