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is a website of the soul. Sites like people, have soul, have their own ideas, in real life, there are a lot of people to imitate those stars, even though they have been very like imitation, but there has never been a successful person by imitating others. People are growing up in the imitation in the beginning, but in the process of imitation, some people summed up what it should do, and incorporate their ideas in the process of imitation, the theory became the key to his success, and these ideas, others can not be copied to own to try to understand the fact that. The success of a website is also need to imitate, but in the process of imitation, you need to imitate the success of others, will remove the shortcomings of others, and in the process of imitation, you cannot copy the text, in the process you have to constantly change, and into their thoughts on the imitation in the process, into their own ideas, making the site soul alive. read more

Site map and HTML map search engine sitemap

Sitemap is mainly to the aristocrat baby to build, to achieve that goal by Sitemap.

2, the search engine spiders provides links to dynamic pages or by other methods is difficult to reach the

search engine map (sitemap)

The establishment of

XML Sitemap is often referred to as Sitemap but most known as the "site map",

page 3, should not be too long, to prevent the set into the maze, so people can not find.

5 page control in about 50.

I put the site map is divided into "HTML map" and "search engine map (sitemap)" read more