The webmaster’s advice small big bottom line

The term "

pornography" has spread quickly on the Internet. In the face of the virtual network, where is the spirit, where is the thought, and where is the network?. And sex and sex come faster and more directly.

I was in college but also learn some legal knowledge, in my subconscious, only serious accidents, murder and arson, before moving to such a severe punishment. Later, when you do website, feel the network information superhighway fast and convenient, social life caused by changes, will be obsessed with the network, more than half a day on the Internet, but also do their own personal web site. Do the content, do the technology, and change your life with the internet. read more

Three points to note in the forum release

believes that every little partner who has been a SEO has experienced a forum posting, and it’s a life time when he sees the post. In the early SEO life is so over, because of the SEO listening to people say not completely understand, you do the chain is very important on a Touzha into the network when migrant workers move brick as can be imagined hard but did not achieve the desired effect.

want to share with you today is to do their own SEO so a little feeling, say bad, wrong place, please forgive me. SEO involves many aspects, you can use the tools and means are also many, here just for BBS to do this aspect of the chain to share. read more

The first major businesses and then to play a real user network platform

[rob Shaw / Ti media. The Chongqing Morning News reported the United team] "now the office is not what people are out to do market research, to run the business." In a somewhat empty office, real cool network technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as real cool technology) general manager Du Yanfang told reporters that "titanium, the new product line, we are doing the research, until the beginning of the promotion, I also estimated to run outside."

was originally the operation of traditional Internet real cool technology, at the beginning of 2013, and decided on the line a community social APP "in the APP next door neighbours" — social disaster caused by flooding water today, their "next door neighbours" what is also done with? In the past, LBS social platform, has a large number of deaths, whether read more

To the place of real estate owners share some cases and wise remark of an experienced person

recently a lot of friends come to communicate with me, if you do a good job in the local property website, I also communicate with them in depth, but they face brutal competition environment, or have unrealistic illusions.

If you are a

with no capital, no technology, no mind the part-time or full-time personal webmaster, then the following text can refer to, I am here to exchange with you is not the website operation experience.

is now the one or two, three line city professional real estate website basically maintained at 2 to 4, the strength of the professional qualification uneven in quality, and have the money to fish in troubled waters, the crazy earn money, the stranger continues to bullshit. read more

What can China’s public web sites learn from ndiegogo

on Tuesday evening, I went to the Indiegogo located in the SOMA District of San Francisco 8 street office, to participate in the evening held here, called "Indiegogo Lab" – invited entrepreneurs to discuss how to use crowdfunding website.

had already reported a lot about the topic of how to use the web site. I’m most concerned about in this activity is why there are many projects in the United States can overnight all the chips on the site to become a star, but now there are many domestic websites to raise, but we rarely hear similar stories from? Kickstarter and Indiegogo these two sites, we can learn what read more

Some ideas about building the Forum

forum is very tired, if only light collection is easy,


what BBS system, rental server, buy domain name, these I’m still learning, no one can teach yourself to see paste, so this respect skip. Let’s talk about the following points:

forum theme (location)

The choice of the

theme is the most critical aspect of the whole forum. It’s the determining factor that determines whether or not a website can grow or how far it can go. It’s also the first consideration of all of the following. read more

Also about the promotion of local stations

04 years to do a local specialty station, Qingyang sachet, our local every year there is a national festival sachet, like Shandong Weifang Kite Festival, Dragon Boat Festival every year more grand, gathered in various media. At that time, no official website, my station has become an unofficial website, the picture taken by Xinhua and other media sites. The site appeared 2 times in CCTV news. I also sell a sachet in the website, but I have no goods, from others, 2 years also sold 180 thousand yuan sachet. Because I have to work, in order to receive sachet and delivery, not to work properly, as it has been leadership lessons. This not, I put the site lease gave us a local sachet company’s largest, who knows that the good times don’t last long, sachet boss died of illness, the boss is not understand nor pay attention to the network network. read more

Baidu statistics new brands release shop statistics into hot spots

[TechWeb] November 3rd news reports, Baidu Statistics recently in the new brand series conference, Baidu released a new store statistics, statistics has been formed including website statistics, statistics and statistics three mobile store brand product series, the series through the integration of online and offline data, the scale of floor products, Baidu brain wisdom to share with industry partners.

Baidu statistics, new brands released shop statistics into the hot spot

Baidu conference this year, Robin Li put forward anticipation, artificial intelligence will make the whole society usher in transformative development." The main result of Baidu’s artificial intelligence is "Baidu brain"". For traditional industry partners, want to use Baidu brain wisdom, need more convenient products to achieve. Baidu statistics is such a product. read more

Actual combat on how to raise the station Baidu experience pass rate

know to do outside the chain of high quality is the preferred platform for Baidu products, like Baidu space, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu, Baidu, Baidu and so on are Post Bar experience softsoft love do the quality of the chain platform. Of course, these platforms because of more stringent audit and the quality of the chain webmaster can only watch helplessly, but even this is not the lack of pursuit of their owners.

and Baidu experience since 10 years in October on the line, in a year when the weight increased to 8, the flow of one million level, this platform also can use hyperlinks, naturally become the webmaster do platform of choice of the chain. Of course, because it is Baidu’s own products, so many times to leave the link success rate is not high. Then, for the webmaster to use Baidu experience to do the quality of the chain, what are the methods to improve the success rate? Today, I share how to improve the success rate. read more

Analysis of the operation strategy of local talent network from the point of view of marketing

local talent network and the comprehensive large talent site formed a complementary relationship, due to local talent network based on the local, to provide a full range of services for local businesses and job seekers, therefore can obtain local job seekers and businesses recognized, it is based on the profit model, the local talent network competition become relatively intense, many local talent network found himself over the years the business did not earn much money, then what is the reason not to let local talent websites grow up towards the correct operation of the track, I am afraid this is a problem of operational thinking. read more