Province to promote the construction of public credit information sharing platform

in recent years, Qinghai provincial development and Reform Commission is committed to promoting our province credit information collection and sharing, sharing and exchange platform to construct a unified credit information, lay the foundation for the realization of credit supervision. As of the end of 2016, our province public credit information sharing and exchange platform "a portal, a platform architecture has been basically formed, the province’s two legal entities and natural person credit subject database establishment, source unit access and data collection and other work has achieved initial results. read more

Seriously study the report of the CAC and establish the party members’ sense of honest and clean go

recently, Seongbuk civil cases Party branch organizations of the united front of all Party members and cadres held the study, conscientiously study and convey the North District secretary Comrade Wang Jianfeng in the "2012 report of leading cadres honest" to do "from the traditional culture on the Chinese discusses the thinking on" triggered the report, put forward the study report "constantly correct attitude, correctly deal with the four aspects of interests, hobbies, friends, good at choosing restraint" content, branch urged all Party members and cadres cadres should strengthen learning, work hard, cherish the time, cherish the reputation and cherish jobs, self-discipline, at the same time to remind you to keep in mind the sense of purpose, the correct exercise of power, consciously accept supervision, to build a more harmonious and happy New District to make a positive contribution. Guide leading cadres to diligence duties, always maintain the purity of the Communist Party, let the people live a happier life as the greatest pursuit of leading cadres, promoting clean government building depth Chengbei district.
in the study of all Party members and cadres are thought to be in the actual work, specific positions to play the role of Party members, we should strengthen the awareness of Party members, keep in mind the obligations of Party members, strengthen the sense of responsibility and mission. Through the study of honest knowledge to remind the education of Party members and cadres to comply with the provisions of self-discipline. Party members and cadres to strengthen the sense of diligence, the purpose of the concept and the level of moral education, and further create a learning cheap, think cheap, Chong Lian, keep cheap, clean atmosphere. read more

Xining City Bureau of Education organized to commemorate the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC foundi

To commemorate the ninety anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Chinese, to further enhance the teachers love the party love, but enjoy the party’s responsibility, firmly with the Party of the heart, ideal and faith, firmly take the socialist road China characteristics in June 15th, the City Board of Education held a "Commemoration of the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding and the" three "theme education activities, 16 excellent speech contest" teachers from all schools, the joint teaching area in the final read more

The central committee election work completed

December 10th, reporters from the city district was informed that the District completed 60 Village (community) "two committees" general election.
it is reported that since September this year, the city area in accordance with the provincial municipal rural (community) "two committees" election work requirements, strengthen publicity, careful arrangements, carefully organized and implemented. As of December 8th, the city completed a comprehensive area of 28 communities, 32 village "two committees" general work. Rural (community) were elected "two committees" of 677 members, the average age is 44.2, down 3; rural (community) Party organizations, residents committee (Village) rates were 28.3% and 57.1%; the rural Party organizations, village, community is mainly responsible for the re-election of 22 and 20 respectively. And 17; rural (community) secretary, director of a combination of 31, accounting for 51.7%, the members of "Cross office" of the 133, accounting for 20%. read more

Xining Municipal Audit Bureau to carry out five as the pioneer activities to promote party chuangxia

In order to further promote the auditing organ chuangxianzhengyou activities and carry out the audit bureau of Xining city from two party branch and actively participate in "striving to pioneer" activities

in order to further promote the auditing organ chuangxianzhengyou activities and carry out the audit bureau of Xining city from two party branch and actively participate in "striving to pioneer" activities.

is a pioneer in learning to improve. To organize party members to conscientiously study and practice of Scientific Outlook on Development, conscious ideals and faith, constantly improve the ideological and political quality, strive to learn scientific and cultural knowledge, study assiduously to audit business knowledge, improve the ability to work to become experts, auditing, computer application and the master, the work of expert. Two is a pioneer in love and dedication. The global party with a strong sense of dedication and sense of responsibility, hard work, innovation, dedication, striving for success, leading to complete the difficult and dangerous tasks, dry line, love line, fine line, a line. The three is to serve the masses as pioneers. Keep in mind the sense of purpose to serve the people with all your heart and mind, all Party members to establish the interests of the masses no matter concept, take the initiative to care for the masses, the masses love, positive for people to do practical things, in the audit involving people’s livelihood projects, and consciously safeguard the interests of the masses, give full play to the exemplary role in serving the grassroots, serving the masses. Four is the implementation of the pioneer. Leading cadres consciously abide by Party discipline and resolutely implement the party’s line, principles and policies, abide by state laws and regulations, "eight no" audit unit discipline and regulations, obey the arrangement, take the lead in the implementation, and effectively enhance the execution. Five is to maintain unity in the vanguard. To establish the overall awareness, and consciously safeguard the unity of the unit, regulate their own behavior, correctly handle interpersonal relationships, resolve various contradictions and disputes, be open-minded, equality, tolerance, leading cadres take the lead in maintaining team unity, to promote team unity and harmony of the whole audit institutions. read more

This year to achieve social financing billion yuan

Reporters yesterday in the provincial government held the province’s financial work conference was informed that this year our province will vigorously implement the social financing of 100 billion yuan project, strengthen financial services, to provide more effective financial support for the province’s economic and social development.

Xining has 62 items of intangible cultural heritage

Xining intangible cultural heritage protection work began in 2005, has 8 years. So far, Xining has 62 items of intangible cultural heritage. Among them, the national intangible cultural heritage project 13, provincial intangible cultural heritage project 30, municipal intangible cultural heritage project 19.

in recent years, Xining attaches great importance to the protection of intangible cultural heritage, based in Qinghai, Xining characteristics of local cultural resources and the status quo, adhere to the "protection and rescue first, rational use of inheritance and development" principle, in-depth excavation of the intangible cultural heritage resources in the overall protection of the Living Heritage as the goal, continue to increase the protection of heritage on the local culture and the reasonable use, the establishment of the four complete protection system, constitute the normative work system, promote the steady development of the intangible cultural heritage protection work. Up to now, Xining national, provincial and municipal intangible cultural heritage projects a total of 62. Among them, the national non heritage items 13 for classic mountain flowers will, Kumbum Monastery suyouhua, Huangyuan, row of lights with gutta Tibetan carpet weaving skills, Xining Xian Xiao, Hehuang shadow play, Qinghai, Qinghai more string string, Huangzhong Duitou, Huangzhong County 1000 camp tower etc.. Non heritage inheritors representative, 5 national heritage, provincial heritage 56, municipal project work and awarding heritage work will be completed within this year. read more

Qinghai medical team went to Burundi bright line activities ended successfully

"thank you very much for helping me see the world and see my relatives and friends. Want to send experts to Burundi, let more people get a chance to see again." This is the Qinghai medical team to Burundi to carry out the "bright line" activities, the 73 year old Enda Bea Loray ray · ophthalmopathy patients; after successful surgery in Kathan progenitor some words from the bottom of the heart. In December 12th, the successful completion of the 9 days of medical assistance tasks, Qinghai bright line medical team to return home, the 182 to help Burundi Guangming ophthalmopathy patients. read more

Qinghai tourism do cool article three months Jin Jin nine billion and three hundred million

to the beauty of Qinghai, look at the scenery resort to enjoy the cool wind! Summer without air conditioning, refreshing cool weather, and natural resources, human resources, Qinghai tourism has become a very eye-catching advantage of resources, brand resources. Reporters learned from the Provincial Tourism Bureau in September 9th, the first 8 months of this year, Qinghai’s total tourism revenue of $12 billion 759 million, an increase of 28.1% over the previous year’s total revenue of $12 billion 375 million. This year, 6, 7, 8 months to embrace gold $9 billion 300 million, accounting for three of the total revenue of the first eight months of 73%. read more

Xining efforts to create a national public cultural service system demonstration area

expenditure of 337 million yuan, the implementation of cultural infrastructure construction, to create all kinds of brand cultural activities, enhance the ability of cultural services; design research, promote the reform of the cultural system…… Since March last year, Xining City, the establishment of the national public cultural service system demonstration area was officially launched, the relevant departments take the initiative to take effective measures, the current work to achieve the effectiveness of the various stages of the creation. read more