Tmall Jingdong also get together fighting wine 2016 liquor electricity supplier of the top four tr

2016, liquor electricity supplier has been rapid development. The first is the number of vertical succession liquor business listed on the new board, the brewmaster network, 1919, in August this year after the chain wine technology, Lenovo holdings holdings and the convenience of wine as the holding network network also successfully approved. In addition, Tmall, Jingdong and other platforms electricity supplier in this year also increased in the beverage category management efforts, from the "double eleven" and two months, Ali has begun preparations for the "9· 9 of Tmall’s global wine festival", but also the Jingdong headquarters in Beijing held a genuine wine ceremony alliance. read more

9 Taobao practitioners because of selling VR glasses donated pornographic material is said to be the

images from the network, and the article has nothing to do with

reporter yesterday from the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Procuratorate learned that since December 15, 2016 more than half a month, Shenzhen prosecutors have accepted online sales VR glasses arrest gift pornographic video case 9 27 people, of which 7 pieces of 19, on suspicion of the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials approved the arrest.

December 15, 2016, Shenzhen city Longgang District People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest of Shenzhen’s first sell VR glasses giving pornographic video case suspect liu. It is understood that Liu suspected of taking care of a flagship store in Tmall, for the purpose of profit, in order to improve the sales of VR glasses shop, in order to provide pornographic video way to attract customers, more than 700 people to spread pornographic videos. Up to now, the Shenzhen prosecutor’s office received a total review of the sale of VR glasses to sell pornographic videos donated 9 cases of 27 people, and one of the 7 of the 19 people on suspicion of the crime of spreading obscene articles approved arrest. read more

Foreign trade network marketing practice the use of multiple blog marketing group to create accurate

do foreign trade, you do not understand the network marketing, OUT, do foreign trade network marketing, you will not use blog marketing, you will be completely OUT. The following steps for the friends of the site, to share some of the methods of foreign trade marketing.

foreign media, especially in Europe and the United States, will use the blog as the main carrier of information, many well-known journalists, media, marketing company, has its own long-term updated blog, and visits is not philippines. read more

Sports Wang look over the double eleven models will be forced to buy 5 new sports

in recent years, "double eleven" has become a major electricity supplier of the battlefield and fight hand to hand with the "single", the dog turned "family" early cut hand online shopping. If you are a sports loving family "," cut the hand for what you will double 11 Goods "fought"? Xiaobian recommended for your music as sports mall five high force sports new


sports Wang look over the double eleven will be forced to buy a new type of high sports new read more

Enjoylife dialogue Pan Jin concern about the creation of low cost hotel market

Zhang Hongbo: Good evening, happy weekend, Enjoylife interview group and we met, today we are invited to the guests from the green mango travel network operations manager Pan jin. Green mango is a mango product brand website, specializing in economic parity hotel reservation travel website, we set the China mainland and Hong Kong and Macao hotel can provide many of the country tens of thousands of Yuan 20-300 Hostel, inn, apartments, hostels and hotels in Hongkong, Macao parity licensed economic hotel reservation service. Is the first part of Chinese pure network, prepaid, rapid confirmation of the booking network, are young people, travel, family travel the best choice for tour pal night. Mango is Hongkong CTS group’s wholly-owned subsidiary, is a representative of the leading technology and business concept of comprehensive travel service company, to provide convenient hotel reservation, ticket booking, travel booking, travel product management, special merchant, travel information such as a full range of travel services for customers. CTS group was founded in April 1928, Hongkong is one of the four major Chinese companies in Hong Kong, 53 large backbone enterprises is currently under the State Council SASAC directly under the jurisdiction of only one of the tourism enterprises. So green mango travel in these years the operation of the accumulation of those precious experience? We ask Pan Jinhe to share with us. The interview is about to begin. Please keep quiet. read more

Four reasons why traditional enterprises should choose E commerce

at present, some of the traditional enterprise have realized the great advantage of the Internet, the development trend of e-commerce is still wait-and-see, has not resolved into the ranks of e-commerce to the author, as one of the electronic commerce platform staff, with some experience accumulated in the idea of the world factory in the process of the work, and we communicate about four advantages of electronic commerce to choose the traditional enterprise, want to help the enterprise.

With the rapid development of information technology, Internet based read more

College days domain name was registered Chinese

        since "a central" trademark was registered by a condom fired after Chinese raise a Babel of criticism of the domain name was registered, the phenomenon began to attract the attention of more and more people. The reporter saw on the Internet browsing, enjoys a high reputation, our city is to repair the spot "Yingtian academy" Chinese domain has been registered in the country.

The authority of Chinese Internet Network Information Center

reporter yesterday hit the Internet, above the input "Yingtian academy", show as follows: general website for college should be days; web contact Mr. Yuan; registered business for Zhengzhou micro Network Technology Service Co. Ltd.; create date May 7, 2006. Reporters contacted by telephone and contact mr.. Mr. Yuan, was also in Shangqiu, the registered "college days" of the Chinese domain, mainly to see some foreigners registered message in Chinese high-profile thing, very touched. The academy is one of the four academies in the Song Dynasty, which has a high reputation. "I do this mainly to protect the well-known brands in Shangqiu." Mr. Yuan said. This reporter interviewed the ancient city of Shangqiu Tourism Zone CMC deputy secretary, deputy director Pan Haiying. According to him, he is also the first time I heard "college days" Chinese domain name was registered. "Now we are actively reporting to the leadership, is actively declared the Chinese domain name of the ancient city of Shangqiu. We are aware of the importance of this work, and now the CMC is actively engaged in this work." Pan Haiying said. Reporters learned that the domain name is Chinese Chinese contains a new generation of domain name, domain name is the same as English, on the Internet "number". Chinese domain names include Chinese and Chinese domain names. Because the network domain name has not only repeatability and specificity, known as the "enterprise online trademark", and Chinese domain is also used as a local city portal, as the city’s tourism brand "name card" of a city, can greatly improve the network visibility and reputation. In an interview with the newspaper legal adviser, Henan L’Assurex firm Wang Jian lawyers according to Wang lawyers, in line with the principle of first come injection Chinese domain once registered, registration will enjoy the right to use the domain name, if unauthorized or malicious use, constitutes infringement. He reminded me of some famous enterprises and the relevant departments shall timely registration on the Internet, in order to avoid being registered, so that their legitimate rights and interests are not protected. read more

You need to understand the trends and figures on the fresh electricity supplier


self-contained fresh electricity supplier, business model in a "fresh" word, but the room for growth of the industry and future trends in where? The article "you deserve to know the ten" fresh ", the author in the field of Simba’s latest article again to clarify the concept and growth fresh trend.

what is the fresh electricity supplier? Simple understanding of e-commerce enterprises to sell fresh products as the main source of profit, but most of them "confused fresh" and "food" and "agricultural products", so it is necessary to sort out these noun. "Food" the most broad, or simply eat drink products and raw materials, mainly including agricultural and industrial food, agricultural and sideline products which mainly refers to the primary products of animals and plants (agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery), and refers to the industrialization of food after half processing or deep processing of food, such as puffed food etc.. We say "fresh" mainly from agricultural and sideline products, mainly refers to the soil from the farm and raised the level of products, covering to life of fruits and vegetables, meat, seafood, eggs, cereals etc.. read more

Shentong electric business platform 28 main line on the line of two or three cities

news July 26th, Shen Tong business platform love to buy Super Net Marketing Director Ren Chao told billion state power network, love to buy super net will be officially launched in July 28th, the first step is to do the market in Zhejiang Province, the first to win the regional advantage. Love to buy the network to the main food and daily chemicals, department stores and small appliances as a supplement. Not the beginning of the national market, the market will be able to go to other provinces in Zhejiang." read more

Hundreds of millions of data on the world’s largest bar code library brought about by the amazing b

for most ordinary people, the bar code is just a symbol, can not see what it means, but also can not use it, so many years turned a blind eye to it. And this year, it will really come into our lives and bring us more imagination.

note: supermarket goods, most of them are printed bar code. The graphic symbols were recorded in 1949 in the professional literature, to mark the goods producers and manufacturers, the name, date of production and many other information used in the circulation of commodities, library management, post management, banking system etc.. But for most ordinary people, the bar code is just a symbol, can not see what it means, but also can not use it, so many years turned a blind eye to it. And this year, it will really come into our lives and bring us more imagination. read more