LETV mall topped the Beijing commercial brand 100 ecological electricity supplier to the next city

just released last night, Beijing’s top ten commercial brand selection list of top 100 brands, as the name of the mall again impressively in the column.

, the ten largest commercial brand in Beijing, was founded in 2005 and is the largest and most authoritative and influential annual selection activity in Beijing. All the commercial activities from the annual selection of the annual Beijing commercial model, is a bridge between business and government, business and society, businesses and consumers, has become the biggest annual festival of Beijing commercial area.

has gone through ten years of the "Beijing ten commercial brand award" has now become a barometer of business development in Beijing, the music won the mall 100, is a new mode of industry is committed to creating the world’s first eco mall music as mall this do not take the unusual way point to a big praise".

in the selected site, industry insiders said LETV ecological electricity supplier model, already from the initial question came today to be accepted and affirmed and even imitated, is becoming the leader of the electricity supplier in 2016 China.

LETV mall miracles heady

and combing the music as the mall recently received recognition and praise, is far more than that: the day before, in the just ended 2016 annual global business innovation figure and organization awards ceremony, won the Chinese mall music as eco business innovation platform award, annual electronic music as holding vice president, LETV mall manager Zhao Yicheng Chinese obtained annual electronic commerce innovation occupation manager award. The award is known as the Oscar prize in the electricity business, showing the weight of the weight.

data seems to be able to explain the problem. In 2015 919 fans Festival, LETV has invested 500 million yuan of price marketing expenses in the mall, PV mall total amount of music as breakthrough 150 million, UV about ten million, into the crazy fans even several times in music as mall collapse phenomenon, and one set of eight industries: LETV Shopping Mall hit a record single day single brand sales of TV industry, sales records, a flagship mobile phone industry single day single brand sales record, super TV, mobile phone TV industry hit a single day single brand sales record. After this battle, music as ecological mall and became a Tmall mall, Jingdong mall tied third mall.

At the beginning of the year

2016, LETV mall began to change the pattern of play fast, on-line platform to raise the public ecological process; the theater into the music as the mall "annywhere door" in LETV, will look cool with the purchase with the mode into reality; in the opening quarter super promotions launched the "passion school season, led two dimensional young road hi end.

the latest stir industry news, the day before the music as the mall on sale at the 1000 Taiwan Le Max Pro engineering machine, the fans have been looted in 2 seconds. The sale of engineering machine from the user to get more new ways of improving suggestions to creating a precedent for the industry, the majority of fans was praised as "

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