nterview with the car wind Wang Zuoliang from 4S store predators to collaborators

August 28th -29, Chinese electricity industry’s most influential annual event trend — 2015 years will be sent on behalf of the electricity supplier, was held in Guangzhou poly World Trade Expo, more than 50 of the most influential business innovation leaders and more than 2000 future entrepreneurs witnessed a change electricity supplier to open. As a joint sponsor, but also as a leader in the automotive electricity supplier innovation model, car wind CEO Wang Zuoliang believes that the electricity supplier innovation is to change the efficiency of the channel and create a new symbiotic system".


as the most China car business trends and future innovators, car wind from October 2013 officially launched until now, less than two years, nowadays has achieved amazing performance on average every 17 seconds to sell a car; completed 500 million yuan B round of financing; and in the industry to achieve the library to turn 4 days, turnover rate 80% star performance. In today’s increasingly fierce competition in the automotive electricity supplier, the car is how to do these? Through the depth interview, we get the answer is only two words: efficiency!

efficiency: in the industry before the arrival of the air, the layout of the car electricity supplier

in the electricity industry category complicated today, why Wang Zuoliang chose the car electricity supplier in this industry?

, in his view, with the advancement of the Internet, the traditional car manufacturers and dealers are to a certain extent by the impact of stock transfer time is 45-60 days and 2-3 weeks of slow logistics efficiency, has been far from satisfying the needs of young users are accustomed to online shopping. Meanwhile, after data survey, the new car market in recent years, sales of up to about 23000000, in 2014 a year passenger car sales exceeded the size of five trillion. See this industry outlet, Wang Zuoliang began the layout of electric cars without hesitation.

after two years of development, the new trading volume line growth slowing, but the wind car almost every month the growth rate is maintained at 40%-50%, the speed of development in the automobile electricity supplier in recent years the rise, potential is still very great. This is another important reason for the car layout of the car electricity supplier.

efficiency of two: in the industry before the arrival of the Red Sea, to seize market share

There are many problems in the traditional automobile channel of

, and the innovation of the model is brought by the innovation of the mode.

Wang Zuoliang believes that the traditional car sales channels there are two main problems, one is the price of two is opaque, efficiency is too low, long time consumption, both of which cause the user experience is poor, but can’t get rid of the status quo. The advantages of the car wind is just to make up for the shortcomings of traditional automotive channels.

and other automotive electronic business platform is different, the car models to achieve the use of buy low price advantage. There is large quantities from manufacturers and dealers to buy cars, and manufacturers to negotiate down the factory price, reduce the cost of distribution channels, so as to independent pricing. This model is based on two systems

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