The implementation of the new consumer law no reason to return to double two months online shopping

hopes to be disappointed, no reason to return into the dispute focus

IT times Wang Juelei


to a "clear-cut tilted to the consumer for the new" law "theme since March 15th since the implementation of a reality is not optimistic, for the electricity supplier consumer complaints will not" fever ", but intensified. Shanghai municipal consumer protection committee April consumer complaints statistics released the day before, online shopping and other new sales methods of complaints, an increase of 1.24 times, accounting for 42.23% of the total complaints.

in all kinds of online shopping complaints, return is the focus of dispute between the two. It is reported that the issue of complaints focused on three aspects: first, the relevant formalities complex, businesses require consumers to provide quality inspection reports. The two is demanding packaging, taking home in original packaging opened or defaced by perfunctory returns not shirk. Three is the return of different caliber, focused on the performance of the "seven days" and the legal provisions of the deviation, to remind the way is not significant.

A very good

reality is "skinny"

the new "law" provisions, in addition to consumers custom, perishable and other four categories of goods, consumers enjoy online shopping regret right, the goods can be seven days no reason to return. But compared to the law better, the reality is somewhat skinny".

Miss Yang recently in a Taobao shop fancy clothes, but she did not want to store things, she agreed to go to the factory specially take goods. After the clothes were received, Yang found himself wearing a dress is not good, they want to return. But she was in a dispute with the seller want for several days, the seller back strongly disagreed, preferring to put the profits back to her dress. Finally, tired of the dispute Miss Yang reluctantly accepted the seller of more than ten million refund. This dress does not belong to the four category does not return range, but the seller is not willing to complain about the cost is too high, had no choice but to forget." Miss Yang told the IT times reporter.

sellers also have difficulties. Guangdong Lee Dongguan runs a female shoe, because the shoe style, quality and taste, compared with the cheapest price, called his shop Business Flourishes, has done three crown. But the new "law" after the implementation of a period of time, Li Xiansheng was seriously concerned at closing thoughts. It turned out that the influx of a large number of new buyers shop, there have been quite frequent return tide. "Just put me as a test shoe, I agree with the buyer to return a long time ago, but so frequent return, let me exhausted, really thought about his retirement." Later, at the encouragement of many familiar customers, Mr. Lee did not stick with it.


reporter observed in Taobao, the return policy quite a lot of sellers custom "personalized". A clothing store that said, "this shop support receipt within 48 hours to return, but a single product, solitary, tunhuo, except where noted not returned. Turn off + refund rate of 50% customers are no longer trading! "

not punishment sellers "don’t care"

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