Home appliance retail war what is the best solution for home appliance retail

Abstract: let the Jingdong in a dilemma where lies, to achieve the ideal vision of Jingdong home appliance stores in the rural market in full swing, not only to spend a lot of resources and energy to attract the franchisee to cash; warehousing, distribution, installation and system support commitment, Jingdong should take high cost.


is not the enemy does not meet, Suning and Jingdong of the enemy and their squared off, and to rival the war.

March 1st, Suning at its headquarters in Nanjing held a "suning.com 2016 annual global appliance Partner Conference, one breath out 20 million items of tenders, announced to build" the first home appliance home court "; on the same day, the Jingdong" home appliances Chinese boiling Strategy Conference in Beijing has officially started, and shouted "boiling China not resigned to playing second fiddle, become the home appliance the target industry first" slogan.

in the South and the north, two strong air war, to compete for the NO.1 industry, officially started a home appliance retail a dragon and a tiger in combat. But one can only produce a, Suning and Jingdong will deal in a strong dialogue, has become the focus of the industry.

Suning left, Jingdong right

to the current home appliance retail market data of the two groups: according to the world’s leading market research firm GfK data show that in 2015, Suning Appliance sales rose 5.2%, the size of the market continues to rank first of all channels; 2015 Chinese appliances online shopping released Chinese Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute of the "report" is disclosed, the Jingdong in the home appliances online shopping (PC+ mobile) market share reached 60.2%, leading to Suning online share.

this shows that the advantage of the online channel Jingdong directly reflected in the online sales of home appliances; Suning retail for more than 10 years as the overlord of the line, relying on the powerful strength and the line on the upgrade of the online channel business, the overall size of the home appliance retail is still the first.

The king of the dispute

this 2016 home appliance retail, the intention is completely unmasked: Jingdong hopes stepping up big brother Suning, Suning is the intention of subverting; maintain the leading position, and completely dispel the ambitions of the Jingdong. From the strategic conference in March 1st the two can be seen, although the goal of the two sides are located in the "get second is a failure, but they had to take the offensive strategy of different market, Suning Jingdong is left, right.

Boiling China "strategy of

Jingdong home appliances division president Yan Xiaobing proposed", roughly divided into the following: 1 pieces for a second tier city and the rural market to do more than and 100 trade fairs, is 2 for marketing; intends to launch the purchase of home appliances for consumers to buy home appliances index "to solve the blind spot, is to enhance the service experience; 3 but the way to join the various towns and villages in the creation of the national Jingdong" home appliance stores ", is for the sinking channels; 4 put forward" three years without Fu > suppliers

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