H5 dynamic custom template customization of the most popular micro site

WeChat also prompted the rise of H5 swept the whole network. From a small game to a large site, H5 bring marketing explosion points can not be lifted. As the micro marketing market benchmark, vigorous development of CMS pig figure shine in each can cause Liaoyuanzhishi function. In this hot summer, our lovely Bob and to bring a new product — Micro website added H5 dynamic custom templates.

cool dynamic competition talent shows itself

in this look at the yen value world, micro website as the enterprise / business facade, not to dress up, how can attract the attention of fans? Pig CMS launched a new micro website H5 dynamic custom templates, text, pictures, music, animation and so on elements as a whole, with the cool posture for the fans, showing the most beautiful side businesses.

rotation, jump, accompanied by beautiful music, show no stop ~ you drunk no ~

massive template any you choose to play custom

pig CMS H5 dynamic custom template template library contains a variety of templates for your selection. Take a look at which one will use which! If so can not meet your unique taste, do not worry, we also support custom ah!

H5 dynamic custom templates, fully support the custom of their own business style. You can add or edit the picture according to the demand, text, video, music and other material collocation, pig CMS offers a variety of animation style for you, and then carefully modulated, a high-end atmosphere on the grade of the customized dynamic template is out! PS:

can also add special effects!

in addition, businesses can also use a key copy function, not to copy pictures, text, and even the animation effect can be completely COPY!

, of course, there are more magical select features. Hold down the left mouse button can be all menu icons. This small function to facilitate the merchants of the menu icon to edit a uniform, fast and convenient.

support to add links to the best show entry

worth mentioning is that the new dynamic H5 pig CMS custom templates, but also support the addition of the chain. For example, the business has organized a micro voting activities, in order to allow more fans to participate in, then you can put the active icon on the micro site page, and then add links. Fans click on the icon will be able to participate in the voting activities. Whether it is micro activity, or the details of the page, to support the link is undoubtedly the best demonstration of the entrance.

pig CMS H5 dynamic custom templates, help you customize arbitrary micro class website, strive for further improvement, fans can’t love you too much! Win at the starting line of micro micro marketing, make your site up! (author: pig CMS micro signal: pigcms


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