Google page level

In this case, how can we improve the ranking of the site in the Google search, please carefully read the following Google to talk about the issue of the page level, for your web page ranking in the Google critical. As an organizational management tool, the web page uses the unique characteristics of the Internet and its huge link structure. In essence, when the page from the A link to the web page B, Google on the web page A voted B vote". Google according to the number of votes to evaluate the importance of the page. However, in addition to considering the number of votes on the page (that is, the number of links), but also to analyze the Google vote for its Web page. The "important" web pages are heavily weighted and help to enhance the importance of other pages". Important, high-quality web pages can get a higher level, so as to get a higher ranking in the search results. In this way, the importance of Google comprehensive indicators for the page level, rather than according to a specific query. Of course, this represents the characteristics of the page itself, is based on the Google network data, the use of comprehensive evaluation of the link structure of the results of the analysis. Of course, if the project does not match with the query, then the importance of the page is meaningless. Therefore, the Google uses a perfect text matching technology to find important and accurate pages for you. For example, when analyzing a web page, Google will also refer to the links to this page.

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