We live just guessed at the beginning of marketing

webcast how the fire? 2016 is considered to be " China webcast, " " first year;; no live not to spread " the slogan is becoming the consensus of the national brand builder, network broadcast era.

live what is it?

data show that in 2015 the number of Chinese online broadcast platform close to 200, of which the market size of the webcast is about $9 billion. According to incomplete statistics nearly every 3 hours on average there is a new live APP. Unfamiliar Street directly to the live module put on the home page, from the Tencent, Baidu cloud Now Macropodus, broadcast, Sina’s live to the national husband Wang Sicong panda TV, pepper live, Macedonian, competing debut.


What is the live broadcast of

? Live broadcast is a kind of real time interaction, it is a social way, it is a kind of entertainment.

live broadcast is also a new way of content production. Live platform, yes, it is a platform for content aggregation, can bring together what is happening in the world. It is a UGC platform, which is the spontaneous production of ordinary user based relevance, with the value of content and thus lead to the association and the people related to business and ultimately produce commercial value for the UGC provider of Internet business forms.

why live + marketing it?

" the emergence of a new medium will lead to the emergence of a new civilization. " Ennis wrote in the book "the bias of communication". From TV to the Internet, from PC to mobile phones, from micro-blog to WeChat, every media revolution has brought a marketing revolution.

Korea Obama eat live daily income of over 10000, anchors and chat with friends tease the poor income of nearly 70 thousand three days…… The economic value of the network broadcast red attracted the attention of the brand, a lot of brands, platforms to " net red live " as a breakthrough for a new round of live marketing exploration, opened a new model of live broadcast.

live is beneficial, it is on the Internet on the basis of the media, the traditional media into the " " features: scattered attention, through various campaign means, are attracted to a platform, in a certain period of time and focus, like we used to watch TV, the marketing effect is self-evident, live the platform began to have a prime time " " – not necessarily a time but a live event; the future will be " Wang live " – not necessarily simple direct advertisement.

another point is that there has never been a kind of media, so that the brand, marketing, users, transactions and communities so coherent. In front of the era of live, millet need to hold a line of the first press conference, get user attention on micro-blog, >

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