Why the image of Santa Claus can be spread all over the world

the two day popular spicy chicken, not by a pompous expression package Bo net red, not on the topic of small brush flow of fresh meat, but a beer belly, rosacea also wrapped up with a bear like father – yes, is Santa claus.

he only one day a year classes, but one day to earn enough to speak for three years, every business at this time as a gold spokesperson:

Starbucks, McDonald’s, such as Haagen Dazs FMCG food store, with Santa’s momentum have put on the new packaging.


McDonald’s Christmas cup on a pair of white gloves was playing bad

Google though specially designed a APP, that is convenient for people to track Santa on Christmas day, easily earn a lot of traffic.


is now the countdown

Canada Yorkdale mall to a fashion show, let Santa in various big fashion items, turn into sexy body gentleman, attract many a younger sister……


this handsome Santa Claus is bursting hormones


, in fact, before being played by all the bad guys, he was very serious…… Dressed in a green suit for the winter, driving their little reindeer, running in the snow, secretly sending gifts to the children. Busy at night to give their children the bedside presents parents who helped him save a lot of popularity, it can be said that Christmas has a strong mass base, is a grassroots network of red.

for a long time, however, Santa Claus remained in the middle of the story until Coca-Cola, with its commercial acumen, explored the potential.

1931, Coca Cola Co, Sweden, a commercial artist to measure their own to create a Santa claus. So, then swept high streets and back lanes on the poster, Santa Sleigh Reindeer standard from "+" turned into "red and white suit + Coca-Cola".


1938, Coca-Cola Santa poster

said that if Coca-Cola’s success is to create new styles marketing brain hole, then Pepsi is Zoupian Jian Feng, when Santa Claus "popular in world", planning a very reversal of marketing.

2011, Pepsi launched an advertising film. In Santa Claus take off the heavy winter clothes, wearing a short sleeved Carnival as in the past on the beach. At halftime, Santa rushed to the bar for a drink, and the waiter threw him a jar of Coca-Cola

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