Off the shelf forum denied rumors that the sale of Dong said or financing

President Dai Zhikang (micro-blog)

Comsenz founder Dong Qinfeng

, right behind

news September 11th, the domestic well-known forum laggards in the sale of rumors, in this regard, laggards forum founder Dong Qinfeng today by Tencent micro-blog officially denied, said the laggards do not exist the possibility of acquisitions, but does not rule out the possibility to obtain financing, the premise is to fall behind the development of independent spirit, are unchanged.

it is understood that the laggards forum is Chinese Internet grassroots builders, gathering, and community platform and the service provider Comsenz represents a period of history, the Internet development of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, once has the laggards BBS takeover rumors.

in this regard, Dong Qinfeng said that in the past 10 years, at least more than 2 digits of the opportunity to fall behind can be sold, they can get away from here, no longer need to worry about a variety of issues. But you can rely on 1300 January to raise wages 8000 yuan a year to rent a server, the website was attacked more than 30 days to open such difficult times did not give up, but will not give up now.

Dong Qinfeng pointed out that the laggards forum than his son to 2 years old, he will not sell forum, but in order to better serve the webmaster, does not exclude the acceptance of investment behind the top Internet companies, the premise is to keep out of independent development, and the spirit of constant.

at present, old users complain in the whole Internet Entertainment tide, hate behind can not adhere to the pure technical direction, said the forum began to change from the content of the construction of the content of the post, gradually to the popular development, some spectacular beautiful pictures, the more popular erotic edge. Dong Qinfeng also responded, saying that he wanted to go back to his childhood, when naive, but we can not go back.

is an industry that participate in the laggards forum is on the Internet Chinese grassroots webmaster micro understand, understand and Study on micro macro development China infers the entire Internet trends, it is also one of the important meaning behind the forum.

below is the founder of the Forum Forum Dong Qinfeng view:

a lot of outdated problems: like the more outdated, the language of the attack is also a lot of outdated;

likes to always have no reason, like is like, even now seems to have been outdated color and style.

attacks on the language of the following categories include:

is the first category, very fond of the outdated, but in the overall entertainment of the Internet tide, hate the backward can not adhere to the direction of pure technology;

(to be honest, I also want to go through the childhood, when the naive, but we can not go back.


class is second, due to active or passive, is behind the closure of users;

(no rules and no Cheng Fangyuan, of course, does not rule out a small number of errors have been sealed, but usually have a reason.



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