Discuz release X3 2 version of the three major advantages for the community to add momentum

webmaster group as mainstay China development of the Internet industry, has always played an important role in promoting the industrialization process. Since entering the mobile Internet era, with the trend of community mobility gradually highlights, the transformation of the plight of traditional owners. As the country’s largest community software and service providers, Discuz! Official recently released a version of the X3.2, in succession and improve the X3.1 version of the community based on the mobile terminal for a new attempt.

Discuz! Official forum began offering X3.2 version of the download since the beginning of the June, and in June 18th the release of patch fixes BUG, download page to do a simple introduction and installation instructions for products. The X3.2 version has two main characteristics: one is to support the new WeChat login, two is the PC community forums and micro data is fully open, fundamentally solve the webmaster in mobile user experience to access and utilize existing resources in the transformation of two major problems. The use of X2.5, X3.0, such as the old version of the site can be installed plug-in upgrade, the new site can refer to the previous version of the installation tutorial to install.

comprehensive interpretation of the X3.2: three advantages to help the transformation of the webmaster

advantage: WeChat login. After the successful completion of the X3.2 version installed, the user can click on the top of the website WeChat account login, use WeChat to sweep the two-dimensional code scanning function pop-up login. When the webmaster WeChat public number is a certified service number, will be displayed directly in the current page two-dimensional code, the user after scanning the number of public concern at the same time login PC forum. When the webmaster WeChat public number is the subscription number or not certified service number, will be in the new open page shows WeChat login page. Users with WeChat scan two-dimensional code, the user will be prompted to confirm whether the user login in WeChat, the user clicks on the confirmation will be directly logged on PC.


use WeChat scan two-dimensional code login

the number of WeChat users has reached 600 million, sweep code habits have been basically developed, as QQ login, WeChat login as the foreseeable future trends. Users scan the code at the same time the attention of the owners of the WeChat public account, to solve the problem of high cost of access to the user in the process of transformation, the problem of small channels, the development of the mobile terminal for the future accumulation of user resources.

advantage two: data access. Discuz micro community settings in the background to fill in the name of micro communities, LOGO, introduction and site URL can be opened with the PC forum data to open up the micro community. PC theme of the forum posts and replies will be simultaneously displayed in the micro communities, users posting, replies and other operations generated content in the micro community will be simultaneously displayed on the PC forum. The micro community position corresponding to the upper right PC forum the forum for the contents do classification menu, while users can micro communities corresponding page scan two-dimensional code directly into the PC in various forums forum list page and post details page.

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