Undercover internal make up investigation uncovered in Handan DEDECATES 99 pornographic websites cas

      May 18th, Hebei Handan police announced that the Ministry of public security, the Public Security Bureau of Hebei Province under the "DEDECATES 99" website organizing pornographic performances case after two months of careful investigation the police successfully solved, four suspects were arrested two people, two were criminal detention. Police said that this is the first detection of such cases of cybercrime in Hebei.

      February 2, 2007, Handan City Public Security Bureau Network Monitoring detachment received the Ministry of public security and the Public Security Bureau of Hebei province case supervision instructions, requirements on suspicion of organizing pornographic performances "portrait of 99" to carry out site investigation.

      Handan police quickly set up a project team, play a net alarm function, take online inspection, online tracking, make-up investigation, online inside "undercover", under the net hunt and other means to expand for clues, improve the evidence, and soon find out the real situation of DEDECATES 99 website organizing pornographic performances the organizers Jiang network nicknamed "the sun": a river, male, 34 years old, Anhui province Wangjiang county. Since September 2006, Jiang rented a company in Chongqing server, temporary Internet management in Handan, the situation of the 99 site and any webmaster, organized pornographic performances on the internet.

      after careful investigation and external investigation, the panel found Jiangmou in online chat rooms for pornographic performances, the development of a paragraph, Lee, Yang and other artificial agents, by organizing others for pornographic performances to recharge development members of the crime of illegal profit evidence, seized "DEDECATES 99" website a video three, video 10 pornographic performances and Jiangmou three bank card bank accounts with the list.

      in late February, while the police is about to close the net when the monitored web server suddenly shut down, analysis of the ad hoc group accordingly, Jiangmou may have fled to Handan, out of control. March 8th, the police through the frame network waiting, in Handan will be ready to go to Tianjin Jiangmou captured, seized the crime with a computer two.

      according to Jiang Mou to explain, in September 2006, he rented a server in Chongqing, opened the "portrait of 99" video chat site and from the chief development, Section A, Lee, Yang et al as a web proxy website, through the recruitment of "baby" (performers) organize pornographic performances to attract members, webmaster and the daily management of agency members and chat room. Members of the site to the manager to buy virtual currency can be seen through the video live pornographic performances, according to the administrator of the baby to get the number of gifts to give cash. The membership of the website up to two hundred people at the same time online watch, only from the bank to identify the account, involving up to more than 4 thousand people, I Jiangmou illegal profit of more than 30000 yuan. (reporter Ma Jing)


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