What did you fall in love with APP

the word "fun" appears more and more in the mouths of friends around us, and we want to be interesting and have fun. But what are we talking about when we talk about an interesting App?


selected source is Google, know almost, WeChat search, access to the general evaluation is interesting App.

screening follows the following three criteria:

can not be interesting content, which is more of the editor’s credit, and personal hobbies too much interference. Exclude MONO.

tool products, the need to solve the problem is universal, and there are many competing products, their own "interesting" features to form a feature. Eliminate the phenomenon of a short-lived product, such as face moe.

is finally interesting to obtain a wider recognition, from the popularity and the degree of recommendation to judge.

basic conclusions are as follows:

"Forest" this tomato clock tool APP, the use of human nature and other ways to ask for feedback, so that APP becomes interesting.

"WalkUp" this step game category APP, the use of user behavior value shift, so that APP becomes interesting.

"who told me to get up" this alarm clock class APP, the use of human curiosity, to overcome the lazy in human nature, so that APP becomes interesting.

– 1 –

market has a large number of tomato working aids software, the basic design logic is as follows:


"Forest" approach:

was initially aware of this APP, although there are countless free software on the market, but I did not hesitate to choose to pay to download.

The emotional design of

products with two different approaches: one is the extension of the existing functions, such as mail list in the picture upload function, is the expression of desire to satisfy the user, the user emotion expression way;

another way to do is to make a completely emotional product, the user’s two-way expression of emotion, the user is the emotional content of the exchange, the product plays a role of the bridge.


tomato clock tool, the biggest problem encountered is that users cannot complete its task, then blame and then abandon the use of App is of no use.

similar App common practice is:

language encouragement, such as "congratulations on your completion!"

internal rewards, such as gold, etc., and then unlock advanced features.

but this feedback is based on the "user approval of the APP and want to continue to use" >

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