The number of clouds announced the completion of 50 million A round of financing is the main platfo

news January 22nd, the number was announced the completion of 50 million yuan A+ round of financing, by Feng source of capital lead investor, capital, capital and cloud only hunt and UCloud A round of investment to continue with the vote. Round of financing will be mainly used for enterprise market development, the promotion of open source projects, as well as the improvement of the upper and lower reaches of the ecological.

was founded in September 2014 by former Google architect Dr. Wang Pu, the core team from Google, red hat and HP, has abundant research and development ability and distributed platforms operating experience. In the past year, the number of cloud focus on building PaaS platform based on lightweight containers, help the financial, energy, broadcasting, FMCG and other traditional industries of container exploration and practice. At the same time, the number of cloud actively promote open source technology, the first open source SwarmKit container management panel Crane and Mesos scheduler based on Swan. In addition, the number of clouds also joined the China open source cloud alliance, and the alliance to promote the white paper container includes a container and container safety grade, delivery standards.

It is reported that

, as a deployed in a private cloud and hybrid cloud based lightweight PaaS platform, the number of operating system was used in DM/OS data center Docker container technology mainstream, mature and stable Mesos cluster scheduling tool based on both portability and scalability, easy to management and scheduling of large-scale container cluster, to help users the rapid integration of different environment of the host resource, the deployment of the Docker container application lifecycle management application. At the same time, PaaS platform provides the ability to manage the complexity of the development and operation of the greatly reduced, thereby significantly reducing the cost of IT companies. Compared with the traditional PaaS, the number of cloud data center operating system DM/OS with enterprise application container scheduling management, support for millions of concurrent micro services business scenarios, support large data application installation and GPU cluster management, as well as two of the three center high availability deployment capability.

said, at present, the number of domestic large-scale public service has a large central enterprises, joint-stock banks, city commercial banks, and many other FMCG enterprise customers. Next, the number of clouds will achieve a breakthrough in traditional industries, continue to focus on the needs of enterprise customers, pay attention to landing delivery service quality and customer experience improvement. At the same time, the number of clouds will also dig deep industry pain points, container industry cloud delivery customer needs and characteristics fit, to help domestic enterprises to enter the era of rapid application container.

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