Chess game forum planning and operation and development program

this is my last month to play a chess game board to write the planning and operation of the development program, take it out for everyone to explore the next


a forum positioning

content positioning: customer service, entertainment supplement.

role positioning: cohesion popularity, draw users.

functional positioning: with the site, flexible use.

two, design ideas

The role of the

website forum is divided into two, one is to serve as a platform for the user to provide customer service, and the two is to condense the popularity of the site, while these people into the game users. So for these two purposes, one needs to do customer service consulting and interactive exchange at the forum, two aspects need to enrich the content for the forum, to attract users to participate, and in the process of interaction and promote the popularity of ascension more users.

three, content planning

forum planning:

activity center

the first zone to play an official area

sub block an official announcement of the game news announcement.

sub section two BUG submitted to the players in the game encountered a variety of BUG error reporting or troubleshooting.

sub forum three account processing and claim processing game server is confined user list, and representations.

sub forum four customer service center online processing game.

second zone play a discussion area

sub section of a novice novice on the question of the game. Play the game, the operation of the puzzle can ask here.

sub forum two exchange of experience between players experience, explore the game. Talk only about the game.

sub section three resource trading players need to trade resources can be released here trade information.

sub forum four free chat dating Hello, text, language games, maps and other miscellaneous.

third area to play a video entertainment area

sub plate a video zone online appreciation, video clips, small movies, short films, entertainment programs.

sub forum two music hall new song song, MTV, FLASH, boutique pop, classical, jazz, rock and roll.

sub forum three classic cool figure beauty, beautiful male, scenery, boutique.

sub block four personalized head to undertake pictures, animation, etc., to provide quality production materials; related skills demonstration.

fourth area play a mood text area

The son of a piece of

emotional post about emotional topic, non mood diary writing class.

sub section two mood

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