How to carry out SMS marketing more effectively

      wireless marketing, promotional activities in China generally refers to the use of mobile phone text messages, the sender can make the information reach potential customers at the specified time, and because the receiver can grasp the location information, help to more accurately locate target customers. UK wireless marketing company Enpocket latest report shows that 76% of UK mobile phone users will read and then delete the messages received by their mobile phone marketing information. 23% of mobile phone users will store this information in order to read later, 20% of mobile phone users will give this information to a friend. An average of 8% of SMS messages received by mobile phone users will respond to the information, the mobile phone users will visit the relevant sites, 4% of mobile phone users will buy advertising products. In addition, the U.S. mobile phone application software provider AvantGo said that their company through the mobile phone advertising response rate than the average direct marketing reply rate of 5 to 10 times higher than the average. Various advantages show that wireless marketing has broad prospects for development, there will be predicted to develop into a $8 billion industry. From the above analysis of SMS marketing prospects seem quite beautiful but also very attractive, but, like email marketing, wireless marketing implementation must solve a problem: the premise provided by the permission of the user, users want to obtain information. The world of the Internet to avoid spam let users Voices of discontent. Happen to have a future, wireless marketing. Otherwise the enterprise and is useless, but the cost of spam messages but there are spam costs; and those of US consumers are facing again after the spam spam messages over submerged nightmare.

      personally, but not stubborn rejection of all mail and SMS advertising, in fact, some advertisements and information received even very interested, but this situation is not too much. For example, some of the girls interested in clothing, cosmetics, digital products and other aspects of the trends and promotional information, is still very popular, but very boring and even the rejection of those unhealthy messages. So on my own experience, I think the key to effective SMS marketing is to meet the needs of different users of SMS, the breakdown of potential customers, to provide useful information to target customers. For example, female users and male users are welcome to text messages are different, and the needs of young people and adults focus on different. For example, female users, they like to forward the message to each other, a film ticket discount on the text message has been forwarded up to 39 thousand. And a European company noticed that local children often go out to dinner with friends after school, so the development of a special coupon, via SMS, McDonald’s coupon. The result was a great success. (Note: mobile phones are commonly used in children aged 12 to 16 in the West). The two SMS marketing success lies in their grasp of the characteristics and needs of the target customers. < >

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