See also double 11 the electricity supplier promotion will have seven phenomena


double 11, and a suction gold date, facing the increasingly competitive environment, in the dawn of 11, under the high flow high purchasing power electricity providers how to win the eye is currently capable of teasing from the audience’s ears, advertising, public relations, new media will become the protagonist of each promotion.

85% off

50 percent off, this is a gimmick for thousands of years of time tested tricks, after all China consumers is still a price sensitive crowd, just as in recent years the business enterprise often play consumers had this unknown Li Jue, but in fact Tmall as early as last year, double 11 has ordered a halt 50 percent off slogans.

in the user to date has been deep, how to really want to solve is not the strength, but more compact understanding of users, users are now diverted to most of the time on the mobile phone, mobile phone terminal; the user is willing to buy online, offline, well O2O, consumers expect fast and effective speed. The logistics system also appeared to follow up.

2 never absent supplier

whether it is one of two suppliers or Jingdong executives were forced Taobao supplier "is the road to serfdom, or" Dangdang "promotion fee", each big promotion near vendors can often lead is expected to grab the limelight. You had a very simple for me to pin relationship, often involved behind shady, money transactions, vicious competition, to seize power, the similar idea of the story is repeated, perseverance media chase, to complete the story of law.

however, this way can quickly ignite media attention, media hype over, when the story will comb, often called X, because the east to be held and 6.18 anniversary, invisible in the consumer move.

into the double 11 after the game, the supplier is not sweet, for the new advertising marketing.

3 date marketing

Chinese pay attention to natural, and, taking time as the product promotion often can also play a little effect, double 11, 6.18, 3.12, shtf "and so on, for consumers, the memory is also one or two, remember the day, often a part of success.

said the anniversary date, is a festival, also made also a, and in making the festival after the success of the effect is beneficial, after a few years, less or equal investment, also can see from qualitative to quantitative change process.

How to make

in double 11 Festival? Especially on this date, the first November Eve was originally the sales season, seasonal clothing, household appliances, digital update iteration, this time to early release of pent up sales potential, in addition to the original singles, but also gives the date of 90 gene, population more fit, then is how to translate into sales, 5>

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