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I am in the city of Rongcheng is one of the most small cities in eastern China, called Shandong, Rongcheng. From the map view, the eastern part of Rongcheng, Shandong and South Korea and Japan across. Economically speaking, Rongcheng is one of the few in Shandong.

in this place in Rongcheng, there have been several local sites. However, their website technically do not perfect, the function is very simple, is a forum, the administrator may also have no time and energy to what management forum, has not formed a discussion of the environment, it is not too hot and not too cold.

this year I want to do a site in Rongcheng, decided to make a people need website, classified information station, first registered domain name, I consider is to completely Pinyin, Pinyin domain name is registered, the inquiry to 130 thousand, ha ha, I can not buy, finally decided in the first AI, too very unique, domain name registration, it is necessary to consider the site name, considered the Rongcheng port, Rongcheng life network, Rongcheng information network, love life in Rongcheng, finally decided to use the Rongcheng life network www.airongcheng.com, a bit of Rongcheng information port


site name changed, the plate is also set up.

below is some publicity:

1 printed leaflets circulated on important sections;

2 printing student registration card, after registration can be attached to the card to become a member of the VIP;

3 (election) in line with national policy, the use of plastic bags to stop, you can print the forum promotional bag distribution. The impact of expanding the forum.

in addition, the requirements of the characteristics of. This requires you to have a bit of technology, and now you can look at a lot of local sites are the form of the forum, in order to compete with them. You have to change the function of website, now the forum database is not very complex, can modify in their database, write a few forum plugin similar columns. For example, when the user is registered to increase the content. You can make a local dating system and so on, so that you are not other than the site more than a column? And does not need to receive the scraping everywhere content? Do local websites really want to do big, technology is also very important.

welcome Paizhuan master


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