Ylmf Lai Lin Feng focus is bigger and stronger

May 10th news, the news for its 915 mobile phone network has been closed, the domain name in millions of high transfer to the Guangzhou web game operators 91wan. As for the well-known Internet companies from the grassroots up the development of its products has been the grassroots webmaster efforts to learn from, 915 mobile phone network is what the cause was suddenly shut down


TechWeb connection for responsible Lai Linfeng said, "915 mobile phone network is a step for performing closed financing strategy, although the 915 mobile phone network has made certain achievements in the 2010 operation, but as an electronic commerce project, burn rate is staggering and the real profit also needs a long time therefore, according to the investor’s requirements of decisive for the termination of the project."

when asked what is the next key project for the company, Lai Linfeng said the current focus is on the 115 SkyDrive project, and revealed that SkyDrive has accumulated more than 115 millions of users, and project financing will in place in the near future, the future of the project is likely to be an independent spin off listing.

Lai Linfeng also stressed that the future wind will focus on mass storage and sharing technology research, independent operating system and site navigation will go into the cloud storage service at the appropriate time, attention is the fundamental for bigger and stronger. When asked why the recent news that the wind will launch local life portal 769 Dongguan, Lai Linfeng said the 769 Dongguan is mainly to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading of Dongguan for the best effort, an exploration is the company’s business development.

it is understood that at present for its operations have 114 site navigation, 115, SkyDrive Ylmf OS operating system and several other well-known websites and software products, the approximate Web OS platform 115 version of SkyDrive V5 is the industry that is a network of domestic products have the best chance of Web QQ and Tencent is comparable to that of the product has entered the beta stage.

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