Baidu wallet camera pay spoiler mobile payment market to grab an empty domain

renamed China ( April 16th news, recently, Baidu launched payment service brand Baidu wallet, simuhaneously powerful camera pay, or taking over the two-dimensional code of mobile payment, and the official opening this month. The camera pay three spell domain name was registered by a space.

it is understood that the camera pay is based on image recognition technology, and through the image information to analyze the data of a new generation of wireless payment program. The user can use the mobile phone Baidu pat take include movie posters, magazine ads, video, picture information, the system will automatically match the target commodity merchants and price information, the user can select the appropriate business and use Baidu purse to complete the payment.

currently, Baidu wallet has been integrated in the BaiduPay platform In the mobile payment market, Alipay has been the first to sweep the two-dimensional code application, WeChat and Baidu wallet payment corner overtaking, choice of path saotu camera pay". That "China whois query system, the camera pay three spell domain name was registered in earlier this month, the relevant domain name suffix.Net/.cn/ are registered in the recently investors. The Baidu wallet has long been empty.

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