Sign up for stationmaster net fourth Taobao guest Wangzhuan training class

training content: Taobao customer money training

training: 30 people (in accordance with the order of registration, full of people, can not learn to participate in the next phase of the free Taobao customer training

registration advice: QQ:583850134 886128 phone 0516-83818163 free of charge 400 telephone number 4000083536 to leave contact phone number, QQ and name

start time: October 27th – November 12th (20:00 21:30 weekend rest every night)


No. 1 gold medal Lecturer: Liu Bifei, Feifei: SEO, the current net moderator seowhy electronic business district, No. 2: the domain name: Lecturer Zheng, I always lose weight too quickly, wow network station. Feifei, 08 years into the SEO and the network marketing industry, created 5 people including "always rush", the marketing team, to enter the industry and slimming products, slimming products, slimming drugs, high L-carnitine flow fiery, keyword optimization to Baidu home high profits, the flow of people around 3000IP, 1000 days under income more than 09 yuan, the creation of network marketing training services and comprehensive help SMEs network marketing in a company.

charges: charge 300 yuan per person (payment address:, not can be transferred to the next semester to learn, learn so far),

training course content

first, the introduction and operation of Taobao

1 Taobao guest training courses introduction

2 what is Taobao guest

3 Taobao guest how to make money

4 Taobao guest fit crowd

5 Taobao customer operating process

6 Taobao custom rules introduced (divided into Wangzhuan and violation of rules)

7 what is Taobao alliance

8 Taobao union account application

9 do Taobao customers need to do what to prepare

10 Taobao customer case analysis

two to improve the site’s commodity turnover rate of

1, analysis of user behavior

– clear user purpose

– clear user needs

– advertising content to provide users with

2, choose the best seller

– Mall and ordinary shops contrast

– choose a reputation of merchants

– select the brand store

3, adjust the display and

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