V mobile and ofo are out A big wave sharing electric bicycle hit

and ofo are the v-mobile hot spawned another traffic tool sharing operation boom: electric bicycle.

fact, electric bicycle, electric bicycle and other two electric car sharing rental model appeared not Bimobai ofo late, but the local small and medium enterprises in the campus, the area has not been operating capital and media attention.

does not concern does not mean that there is no growth. Recently, according to the survey found that the wisdom of things, including hunting, the appearance of the electric bicycle, rent pig and deer zebra, eBike, eight, No. 7 motorcycles, adorable Xiao Ming and a series of in the two wheeled electric bicycle leasing companies, and some traditional electric vehicle manufacturers are considering to cut into the electric bicycle sharing travel field.

although these companies are relatively small, the high visibility of the hunting bar and rent pig just completed ten million yuan level of angel investment, but the most important is the number of users in the case of less can actually be done every single car daily 6-8 or even 12 single results, two wheeled electric vehicle is becoming a new threat to bike sharing the.

electric car sharing the rise of

bear Moses resigned in 2016 of November.

prior to his work in a Shenzhen communications industry OEM company, the company mainly for mobile operators to provide solutions based on Qualcomm chips, although not the star of the company, but the income is also good.

let him make up his mind to resign, is to share a bike, but also share the bike.

electric car sales are rising at an annual rate of 34 million units, while sales of bicycles is increasing. Since sharing a bike can fire up, the electric car can fire up." Xiong Zhi Zhi Zhi things, since 2016 8, in September to see the sharing of a bicycle fire, it has started brewing a two wheeled electric car sharing business.

then, he in the travel industry group in the wisdom of things encountered two wheeled electric car sharing company, general manager of Lee hunt car qingyun. After learning that it has developed a complete set of shared electric car rental program, Xiong Chi chose to become a hunting partner in Nanchang city.

December 17, 2016, Xiong Chi in his alma mater Nanchang aviation university put the first batch of 40 electric vehicles.

"operational data gives me very strong confidence." According to Xiong Zhi introduction, from December 17, 2016 to January 8, 2017 these 23 days, the average number of orders for these 40 electric cars he is the average number of orders per day, a single, 4 single 162. The total average daily income of about 400 yuan, an average of $10 per car per day.


(electric bicycle for hunting in a university with it on


is different from a shared bicycle, two wheeled electric vehicle

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