Ma Huateng users spend a lot of time in WeChat will solve this problem

Ma Huateng

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news June 16th, 2016 China "Internet plus" summit held in Beijing, Tencent Inc chairman and chief executive officer Ma Huateng delivered a keynote speech mentioned that now users spend a lot of time in the WeChat Tencent feel great pressure and responsibility, this year will focus on solving a series of problems which.

Ma Huateng said that the Internet plus is like an "industrial revolution", the Internet makes all walks of life have great changes, each industry must embrace the internet. Especially in the field of O2O has made great changes in the last year, the tourism industry is also undergoing a variety of integration, transportation is more competitive, the industry is developing at a high speed.

he believes that Internet plus many innovation opportunities in the future, the Tencent’s position is to do connector can connect the service and user.

future Tencent will focus on what? Ma Huateng that is, cloud services, the future will completely open Tencent cloud services, increase commercialization; LBS positioning services, including delivery, drops and other O2O infrastructure services; network security.

finally, Ma Huateng mentioned that there have been various Internet companies through the groove on the topic of data sharing, this year there will be some results, I hope the future can be more real-time.

Ma Huateng

The following is the speech of Ma Huateng

in June 16th Chinese Internet plus the


Ma Huateng: "connection to upgrade

Internet plus" eraThe director of

respect, respect the two academicians, academician, Academician Wu Li, Vice Mayor Chen, and distinguished guests, welcome to the "Internet plus" summit forum site! My colleagues told me that today there are government officials, experts and scholars more than 800, and our partners. And our friends in the media, and my colleague told me this morning that hard to get a vote, his WeChat name changed to "no vote", but in the afternoon we have four forums can accommodate more friends to join. Therefore, we particularly cherish the opportunity to communicate with you now.

I remember

, the moderator introduced last year when we do the first "Internet plus" summit last year, was from NPC and CPPCC proposed "Internet plus" programme of action of the interval time is very short, after more than a year of preparation and preparation, we have more and more adequate "Internet plus" achievements in the field and we report.

Last year I

more "Internet plus" is a "metaphor Industrial Revolution", such as our one or two industrialization era and the electrification of the steam engine, this is part of the third industrial revolution is one of the information sources. We see the Internet as a form of energy that can be embraced by all walks of life, and I think all of our industries should be more aware of the Internet

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