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[Abstract] technology innovation and business model, Internet culture, Internet thinking, etc., but also what kind of chemical reaction collision



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many people especially senior citizens remember the last century at the beginning of 90s, people walking in the streets of Zhongguancun will be looked at as a big sign: "how far away from the information highway Chinese? 1500 meters north." On the other side of the road, it was a rare place to offer Internet access. This part of China’s classic memories of the Internet was repeatedly mentioned.

since 1994, China’s Internet access to the global Internet, since the earth is a village, the world becomes flat. 20 years seems to be of the moment, but people’s lives have been changed forever because of the internet. In 20 years, the technical lead in the blank imagination blueprint for the next color, after gushing out of demand and technological innovation to promote each other and interact, to create the most exciting achievements. Smart new hardware and new technology, and the dazzling emerge in an endless stream, compared to entrepreneurial legend network goers have ups and downs, the Internet itself is one of the greatest miracles.

let us even more curious is that in the future, as a "super engine technology innovation, and business model, Internet culture, Internet thinking and so on, will also impact how a chemical reaction? What will the more dazzling Internet new born? Well, good genes Internet can be maintained, the ability of people to network safe and respond to the great challenges because of the emergence of the Internet?" how will the future of the Internet "this series of reports, will try a new journey to check the Internet after 20 years to go from.

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600 million Chinese drive on

information highway

20 years ago, when China’s full access to the Internet, who did not expect the Internet has developed so fast."

20 years ago, when China’s full access to the Internet, who did not expect the Internet has developed so fast." The first Chinese Internet association chairman, academician of Academy of engineering, said Hu Qiheng China. In April 20, 1994, Chinese officially became a member of the global family, she is a leader, who witnessed and experienced.

when he was vice president Hu Qiheng on behalf of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to Tsinghua University, Peking University, through communication with the United States, and finally let the Internet China full function joint global internet. Although only a few Internet rate K, but since then, the Internet is not just a laboratory assistant and science and technology personnel working, ordinary people have begun to enter the Internet surfing, email, web browsing, and then extremely popular BBS electronic bulletin board.

in December 31st last year, China’s education and research computer network (CERNET) became the first

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