CANN push top level domain name new pattern of global nternet or change


domain name according to industry sources, the world’s highest ICANN Internet domain name management agency is currently promoting a "global new gTLDs" plan, the plan will have a huge impact on the global internet. It is reported that the plan is to modify the application rules of the Internet generic top-level domain, will be strictly limited before the new generic top-level domain rules to meet any new application conditions of the company, registered institutions, organizations can submit an application, and become the new generic top-level domain name registration bureau.

according to the plan, the global new generic top-level domain name will be increased hundreds of species (the first batch). The new rules are likely to rewrite the pattern of the current global Internet applications from a deep level, will have a significant impact on the development of the global internet.

any company, organization or institution may apply for the new generic top-level domain

is currently the global top-level domain name only.Com,.Net,.Org and other 21 kinds of generic top-level domain, to apply for an increase of the new generic top-level domain of its rules, the applicant is very strict conditions.

in the new generic top-level domain rules, modify the conditions of the applicant for any "has been set up and the existence of qualified companies, organizations or institutions can apply for the new gTLD, from individual or enterprise applications will not be considered." This means that the world has almost all the large and medium-sized enterprises, institutions and organizations to apply for new generic top-level domain name rights, and through the application to become a generic top-level domain name registration authority, this also means that the pattern of the Internet is likely to be rewritten, step by step and now we are familiar with the Internet completely different development track.

domain name is hidden in the Internet industry on the basis of this new thing is deep, the majority of Internet users that enter the URL, application site, but few know the relationship between website and domain name, domain name and status in this field, in fact, the domain name is the core part of the Internet, the Internet (such as a web site). The domain name "qianyifaerdongquanshen".

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