Google Adsense advertising was Kabasiji alarm Trojan

news January 25th, many users reflect, from 15 pm start, they visit the Google Adsense ads placed "Kabasiji, antivirus software will be issued a" Trojan horse "warning, some owners were forced to shut down Google Adsense. Security expert analysis, this may be the case of false positives anti-virus software, it is possible to break the Google Adsense advertising system descendants to add Trojan code.

Adsense is the launch of Google’s advertising system, website put Adsense ad code, Adsense will provide to match with the content of the website advertising, Internet users access the web may click on their interest in advertising, Google will be part of the advertising revenue to the website. Google Adsense threshold is very low, so a considerable proportion of the domestic sites are placed Google Adsense advertising.

More than

users reflect, starting at 15 this afternoon, they began to prompt the Kabasiji virus Google Adsense advertising is a Trojan horse named As of press time, Kabasiji will still be regarded as Trojan Google Adsense virus.

Chinese placed a considerable proportion of the website of Google Adsense advertising, which includes some personal websites, including some of the larger sites, such as, etc.. Kabasiji in the domestic market share is also high, therefore, affected by the spread of the network more people.

affected by this incident, some of the owners in the forum said that they have temporarily closed the Adsense ad. Google and revenue will be affected.

Analysis of

security experts, this situation there are two possibilities, one is Kabasiji of false positives, this antivirus software had a number of false positives virus cases; another possibility is that the Google Adsense system was hacked by artificially add malicious code containing a Trojan file. Google technology is strong, but not the system does not leak. Public data shows, in April last year, Brazil broadband access provider NET Virtua DNS server was attacked by hackers hijacked, about 1 million 400 thousand users with Google Adsense content in the web, will be redirected to the page to download and install the Trojan attack.

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