Jilin police cracked the case of large multinational theft of foreign residents online bank deposits

Admin5 station network August 7th news Jilin province Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture Public Security Bureau held a news conference announced on 7 may, the Council has recently successfully detected so far in China’s largest hackers who steal transnational bank deposit on series of cases of foreigners.

suspects a (male, 27 years old, Jilin City, Yanji province), Kim (male, aged, Yanji) were arrested in June 16, 2009 and in June 27th and criminal detention. At present, the police have comprehensively identify the two suspects, since November 2007 began to deliberate planning, and use of network hacking technology since March 24, 2008, has 83 cases of crime, theft of 86 South Korean residents in South Korean "national" and "Hana" "bank won 450 million Shinhan" (about 2 million 360 thousand yuan) deposit of the crime.

May 2009, South Korea on the case of online banking theft to China’s criminal judicial assistance requests. In Seoul, local police department network crime investigation team investigation with Korean Internet banking theft case, the suspect since 2008, by hacking to steal 6 South Koreans won 28 million 500 thousand of bank deposits, which won 10 million of the foreign exchange business to spread a Yanbian bank account in February 24, 2009, the suspect again; the use of hacking theft of Korean financial institutions 128 online bank accounts.

Yanbian Public Security Bureau network police detachment in accordance with the overall deployment of the higher authorities, immediately formed a task force, a careful analysis of the case, developed a careful and detailed investigation program. The first time the police found Yanji city specific locations of suspect network intrusion KOOKMIN BANK management system, the actual living in the region for a staff investigation, determined without proper occupation, master the network hacker technology park, Kim two people suspect, immediately launched arrests.

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