Agents with hundreds of employees into the Google office protest


Google Shanghai office outside the protest agent


security guard


was unloaded glass door


agents outside the office

October 18th news, Google agent and the further development of the door this morning, Google East 7 agents with employees to Google Shanghai office in protest, protest a day without feedback after removing the Google Shanghai Office of a glass door and entered the office sit protest. Agents and Google representatives are currently negotiating.

according to the scene of the 7 agents staff, they came to the hall of the Google Shanghai office this morning to protest, but there is no one day to protest the people out of the Google responsible for and deal with the matter. In the majority of employees after work in Google, protesting the day of fruitless agents employees directly unloaded on the north side of the Google office in the middle of the glass door, and into the rest area, sit in protest.

has about 20 people in the rest of the Google Shanghai office, and they all sit around the table and sit around the 6-7 table, but they don’t make any noise or other actions. According to an employee, they have a total of more than 100 employees, other employees have gone out to dinner. In addition to the corridor outside the office there are more than 10 agents to protest the staff. In the corridor on the south side of the Google office door closed, several security guards guarding the door through the glass door.

most of the Google employees have come home from work, there are several security guards and Google. The presence of a man claiming to be Google employees, said the woman did not accept the interview, it will not stand on the matter. As of press time, the protests are still in progress, but there is an agent on behalf of Google and Shanghai stakeholders are located in the south side of the office of the negotiations.

in accordance with the agency today issued a statement by Sina blog, accusing Google of no sincerity delay communication time. Prior to October 13th, the agents had to communicate with Google global vice president Liu Yun dialogue. In the "listen to our opinions and requirements presented no doubt, and promised to carry out follow-up work will set up a working group with us in three to five days."

, unfortunately, six days have passed, the current Google China business management or did not give us any reply and substantive action." East China agency said in a statement on the sincere communication and expression of protest and indignation".

waited for six days after the results, these agents have taken the above to enter the Google Shanghai office protest action. (Wang Xiao from Shanghai)

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