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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) September 26th news, recently launched the balance of treasure upgrade regularly transferred out of financial functions. For the transfer of the user into a cyclical demand, simply set up to complete the operation.

Bao Bao balance product manager said, through the analysis of the balance of treasure big data found that a large number of users have a cyclical balance of treasure into or out of the behavior, and the amount also has a certain regularity. Users can also be found in the feedback through the balance of treasure treasure, I hope there is a regular transfer, turn out the demand has also been ranked top. Regularly turn out strongly recommended "month for a family, the monthly balance of treasure will be automatically transferred funds to wait for bank card payment for the mortgage, car loan. Regularly transferred to wage earners first choice, as long as the time to set up a good wage arrival time, you can automatically transferred to the balance of treasure so that income uninterrupted.

regular transfer is not unusual, but not a regular transfer." Internet financial analysts said, usually financial institutions will launch a regular turn function or regular money induction, to help users to automatically transferred to the outside funds rarely have regularly turn out, but, because it is equivalent to their own home active streaming out of money. Balance treasure this reflects the essence of the Internet to meet consumer demand financial.

in June 13th last year, the balance of treasure officially launched the beta. The month amid a shortage of money, in just half a month, the balance of treasure yield of 7 years from the 3% shot up to 6%, or alarming. In January 2nd this year, the balance of treasure yield reached a record high of 6.763%. But after the Spring Festival, the balance of treasure began with the "Waterloo". At that time the law late data group had predicted that its yield will be in the first 3 days of March, breaking the 6". Sure enough, in March 2nd the balance of treasure yields fell to 5.971%.

yields Internet treasure products has been the focus of most concern, when the balance of treasure line is a high rate of return "seckill" bank deposit interest rate and sought after by the market, not only changed people’s financial habits, is the impact of bank financial system. However, the Internet gradually decline in yields treasure products this year, can not help people have lamented the martyrs twilight on the balance of treasure.

when the market funds face tense, the bank needs to raise funds, money fund yields will rise, otherwise it will decline. Because when the surface tension of funds, banks need to change the balance of treasure everywhere, holding a lot of money, the bargaining power is high, can get higher income. When funds face eased, bank funds decreased, the balance of treasure bargaining capacity decreased, earnings will decline.

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