Classified information website advertising war in full swing three website two venture

The first

market, after the people network, then the city is 58, with three websites like start advertising bombing, TV, bus, subway everywhere. Unknown to the people, it is equivalent to do a classified information website literacy and popularity, oh, the original second-hand goods can also be sold on the Internet!

In fact, the new

classification information website is not similar, Chinese first free for Internet users publish classified information website platform in 2004 rise, in addition to independent sites, some of the traditional portals, local information harbor also set up the classification of information channel. With excellent targeting ability and the ability to distinguish between audience and personal information, self publishing, classification clear, easy to find, update quickly and other characteristics, classified information website to meet as equals with traditional media.

Vice President Chen Xu lamented: "around 2005 classified information website on the lot, there are dozens, but now only fair, 58 city and several big." Simple bigger two words behind the fact that there is a classified information website has been achieved in the domestic market size of more than 200 million users, a large scale of $60 billion. Classified information industry is also considered to be the next portal, search engine and the fastest growing emerging Internet business forms.

so, since last year with the sudden outbreak of advertising, people network, 58 city also the exhibition propaganda not resigned to playing second fiddle. Chen Yao and Yang Mi have made her debut for the club crying hard, burn the offensive wavewave, behind them, hand in hand, the list of network, Yideng network and a number of websites are eager for a fight, to accumulate steadily in the fierce competition, a little more.

fun mixed

has sold, fighter fell in love

people network CEO Wang Jianshuo told the "IT times" reporter, people on the Internet every day many interesting things happen. There have been 150 thousand for selling retired fighter, post released including 6 fighters, 5 aircraft, also indicate the specific price and type, it is eye popping. There are people with 8 yuan Amoy to the Motorola mobile phone, a man with 1 dollars in 50s to sell textbooks…… Recent college entrance examination, a good taxi driver through the release of news, free to send candidates to school exams. There is a driver in the online posting said, taxis are booked during the college entrance examination, the company where he is so close to the school, you can open a free ride for some candidates, users get a lot of response.

in addition, there is a romantic story because of the transaction. "IT times" reporter linked to the actor – Shandong, Mr. Yu in Liaocheng. Speaking of the past, he still feels like a dream. "My wife is very familiar with the local movie city, often can get cheap tickets, sell on the internet. 3 years ago, I was in the city of the people’s network transactions inadvertently saw her release of information. For the first time, she was attracted by her beauty and ability." After that, Mr. Yu often buys her products online. She has a lot of movie tickets, too

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