Roaming open platform for the year of July application hotspot non stop

July 2009, the first anniversary of the opening of the open platform roaming (, by the webmaster, the developer’s active participation and support. As the largest vertical distributed open platform Chinese, roaming (Manyou) open platform end linked with thousands of third party application developers and development team, is linked to more than thirteen 000 Home SNS built by UCenter. In order to improve the webmaster and roaming open platform for the communication of information, let the webmaster know more about the development and progress of the platform for each application, the author specially arranged official dynamic roaming open platform in July, to provide reference for webmaster friends operation.

July, "glory hospital" has been completed to upgrade the v1.08b version. Last week, the glory of the hospital to carry out the expansion of the upgrade, the technical team after more than and 30 hours of continuous work to complete the upgrade. There have been roaming currency exchange gold BUG during the new version, but does not display the successful conversion of ingot quantity, has now returned to normal. Users did not show up before the user has been basically and roaming customer service contact, the information has been recorded, the developer is an emergency treatment. The glory of the hospital, the other new issues, the webmaster can inform members directly with the roaming official customer service to solve. In order to improve the interactive applications, "glory hospital" to launch a new version of the new concept of "central region", which is an innovative SNS application, it may be more suitable for small and medium-sized site roaming open platform, the effect in the end how to please the webmaster see. The morning of July 22, 2009, "glory" will eclipse hospital instant scene into the game on the domestic application, millions of users can not watch the solar eclipse has a great visual effect on the shock. As the first major social events in the immediate introduction of social games, "glory hospital" in 2009 to become the domestic scene immediately into eclipse social games (SNS) is one of the landmark event in the development of.

"happy baby" has completed the repair work of known Bug, is currently developing new features, new features to interactive entertainment, games, as the core of the "happy baby" will enhance the overall playability, enhance information notify friends interactive. "Music DNA" in the optimization of the page, the function of the update, such as lyrics progress, synchronous lyrics, enhanced search function. Before the end of July, there will be players on the home page, there are several colors, more complex skin needs to be invited to get, will be made into flash version of the application. "Crazy" is currently in office function improvement on location, this two days slower, is the developer in the database, plus some system cache that can solve the speed problem.

"happy farm" next week or will launch a new version of the sample design, the original "happy farm" the new version will be launched in July, but some developers and user experience of the new version of the artist is not very satisfied, so the new version has.

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