Three types of commercial sites will face the challenge of SEO

one of the advantages of my job is that I can deal with all kinds of enterprises. Based on the nature of the business, each enterprise is unique, each enterprise is facing competition, but also have a comparative advantage in the industry. Generally speaking, I divide the enterprise into three kinds to help me to work with them to participate in the challenge.

a, big brand website

becoming a big brand is the goal of every SEO expert. I do not know how hard it is to become Nike. Big brand SEO often engage in some reputation management. The advantage of big brands is that they are the industry’s founder, the absolute authority of all information management industry. The first marketing copy, technical standards, price information, news releases and so on are reflected here. With these advantages, it can work with several departments to ensure timely and effective information can be sent to the user and search the user, so the site will not see their own information by other users share.

my colleagues at ClickZ site Jason Burby has written a very good article, who is responsible for network analysis. It points out that the interests and conflicts between different departments, as well as the distribution of products, etc.. In addition to the analysis, the big brands often conflict with the elements of other important sites, such as the appearance of the site, the feeling, the specific semantics and terminology of brand expression, etc.. The larger the enterprise, the more departments will be involved, including marketing, advertising, editing, IT and finance, and even the legal department.

two, directory classification website (information classification site)

directory classification website is generally engaged in information editing, and then packaged and sent information. This is a superficial description of such sites, but it can not be said that these sites do not create goods or services is not a good business model. Amazon, Sears, and Circuit City is such a website, they can make good use of existing products, each site has a lot of traffic.

This web site is facing

challenge, must have enough creativity to supplement manufacturers to effective information directory, to attract users, provide links etc.. If you just woke up from five years of sleep, you might be surprised to find that one of the challenges of the catalog is that there is too much content. Small web site also has potential problems, too many web pages in the search engine.

three, local small website

sometimes, small businesses only deal with local users, but may provide products or services to national or global users. These sites face a difficult challenge in natural search. This kind of website is established by a common template or by the industry. Of course, some of the characteristics of small sites may also get out of this predicament, but most of the lack of sufficient technical personnel to complete the site’s adjustment. Another challenge to working with small web sites is to educate their clients to understand the site’s content and expectations.

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