BYD T editor was arrested on suspicion of bribery more than one million

Beijing Youth Daily IT edition editor

[Caixin] (reporter Wang Heyan Hu Ge) Beijing Youth Daily editor IT raging on suspicion of bribery, has been Beijing Chaoyang District city procuratorate arrest the day before. According to the new financial reporter to understand, about about one million of the amount of raging.

raging in the IT press circle is quite famous, its self introduction, said he was the only case in the Microsoft interview with Bill ·, the Chinese reporter of the. Was graduated from Renmin University of China in 1990, the Beijing Youth Daily reported in IT for 14 years, for many years, co founded the Beijing Youth Daily digital era and chief editor of the magazine, to.

according to the Beijing Youth Daily insiders, the IT reported in field for more than and 10 years, which is responsible for the digital age. Four edition, by Monday, including his three person team operation, basically belong to their plots, free from the news department.

the insiders also said that the newspaper. Although not independent accounting, but the person in charge is responsible for the layout of the gathering is also responsible for the operation, "we all know that he has received a variety of money, (even) PR company to his reputation is not good." In June 2012, the Beijing youth daily internal reform, including a variety of special IT special edition, was stopped.

was caught, BYD inside there is no large-scale communication, but most have been aware of the situation of reporters and editors.

the new financial reporter was informed that, except BYD raging, and some media reporters, as well as some site employees involved were arrested. The former is mainly concerned with the issue of paid news, the latter mainly related to delete posts.

, the six companies who checked PR network planning and Beijing police announced the day before the Beijing interactive Word-of-Mouth Marketing Co. ltd.. (see related reports: Beijing police to investigate word of mouth interaction, such as six network companies; word of mouth interaction delete posts business)

, according to Xinhua news agency and other official media reports, in 2013 the national public security organs to carry out the focus of the fight against the spread of organized manufacturing network rumors and other illegal activities". In mid October, under the unified command of the Ministry of public security, police in 10 provinces and cities nationwide to carry out arrests, dozens of suspects were arrested, including public relations company personnel, intermediaries, web site staff.

according to the new financial reporter, in 2013 the relevant actions include at least two parts. Part of the aforementioned word of mouth and other interactive network of six companies involved in the deletion of the post business, the other part of the paid news. The famous PR industry over the investigation, which led by outstanding media reporters, many of them are responsible for special issues in their respective media.

prior to November 12th, Zhejiang three reporters on suspicion of bribery of non state organs of public officials, in Hangzhou intermediate people’s court for trial. (see related reports: Zhejiang three financial journalists on suspicion of bribery trial) which involves Shanghai, if Han public relations planning company, Shanghai East >

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