The foreign domain registrar ResellerClub into the Chinese lift price game

days ago, the domestic Internet industry has injected new blood, the first foreign domain registrar ResellerClub Chinese officially entered the market, and the establishment of a branch in China, set off another round of price game in Internet based products, to bring the gospel to domestic agents.

company leaders, ResellerClub founder, CEO, Bhavin Turakhia told the author: ResellerClub philosophy is Better Solutions. Better Profits. (Chinese. For better solutions, more profits!) to maximize the OrderBox agent system, ResellerClub platform will be industry-leading and provide competitive China for domain name host agents provide a powerful agent system make the price Chinese agents to achieve profit." It is reported that the current period coincided with the anniversary of the launch of.COM ResellerClub $4.99 (equivalent to 34 yuan / year) activity, this activity has attracted many agents to inquiries, and many agents have been registered activation of the account, and gave a high evaluation. In addition, this month to activate the agent account can enjoy the highest level of agency prices, as well as ResellerClub perennial promotional activities launched irregularly.

ResellerClub is now accelerating the localization process, ResellerClub set up branch in China, located in known as "domain names" of Xiamen City, to provide more localization, localization services, the convenience of domestic agents, contact the agent platform, SuperSite and PartnerSite (Chinese version has been officially launched as shown in figure



the user control panel and control panel are also among Chinese products. The general manager of ResellerClub Chinese branch, Mr Chen Depin said: "there is competition, have better service for agents who have more choice, for the registration of business, but also enhance their service opportunities, many characteristics of ResellerClub such as infinite agent, infinite host, unlimited post office has a very strong competitive power in the the domestic and foreign markets, we welcome people from all walks of life to explore the related matters of domestic business advisory letter calls."

ResellerClub Directi is one of the group’s business, is its own brand network solutions provider of the world’s largest domain name distributors, web hosting provider, web design company, and other network services company providing point-to-point automation platform. To provide the most comprehensive product portfolio at the most competitive prices, currently offering products and services to thousands of global web hosting providers and hardware

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