Adsense network broadcast 12306 war network cattle vision decided to venture Road can go far

1 Tencent 15 years into a billion dollar Penguin Cheats flow realization practitioner  


was born 15 years, QQ nearly 800 million of global users, and only two years to launch WeChat, has been in the world to attract a total of more than 300 million users. Tencent, which is not only trying to rely on the fierce Penguin WeChat operators and subvert the old rules, but also to get the Internet and mobile internet field more discourse power and industry control.

is not behind the "micro" WeChat, standing is such a penguin: at the beginning of 2004 market capitalization only billions of dollars in market capitalization of more than $100 billion, so far, in the Global Internet Company, after Google and Amazon, Baidu and its peers, the market value is only 1/2; the revenue data, 43 billion 890 million yuan from 1 billion 140 million 2004 to 2012, the annual compound growth of up to 158%; in 2003, the Tencent to test the water recreational game business, is the earliest in the gaming industry and other enterprises grand late two years, but the current Tencent in the gaming industry market share of nearly 50%, a single large, is more than six times grand.

2.12306 war network cattle: Taobao also save not

close to the Spring Festival, 12306 and all kinds of brush ticket software, network cattle offensive and defensive triggered a heated debate. Although the 12306 used a variety of counter measures, but they break the fact that many users comment as "the one upmanship".

professionals, and fall into the endless network confrontation, the 12306 should do is to "open platform", the introduction of social forces to enhance the user experience, is the main focus for the ticket booking, ticket service optimization design.

Taobao can save 12306


recently, there are media reports, the use of professional cattle Network to grab votes to grab the software, cracked 12306 of the technical counter, within a few minutes to brush off the train tickets in the thousands of 10.

3 Yu Yongfu: where will the entrepreneur go in the next 1800 days,  ?

some time ago, geeks Park founder Zhang Peng gave me a title of "entrepreneurial future 1800 days", the next five years to talk about entrepreneurship. Today, I will share this homework to you.

critics love has always wanted to stand in the height, BAT angle, is a waste of brain cells, for most people, the real value is standing in an entrepreneur’s point of view to think about future opportunities? In this perspective, I would like to share two changes, three storms and four opportunities.

two changes: always online, the second information revolution

first, as the saying goes, "change in the timing, to find the opportunity, we must first.

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