Promotional film entertainment website 12 trick

we know that there are two prerequisites for advertising, first, the product needs, and the quality of the product is better than two. Publicity website is no exception, if your site is a number of free resources for production, or content is nothing new, it is best not to waste time here.

first, choose the right forum

forum propaganda should choose to have their first potential customers in the Forum; the second is to choose the popular forums, but popular also have flaws, because the post was soon drowned in the other post, say too many people, it is difficult to log in; three is to choose to have the signature function is to choose the four Forum; there is a link function of the Forum; five is to choose to modify the function of the forum.

two, select a forum navigation website

in order to promote on many sites, you need to find a forum portal. Here to introduce a "" (, which collected nearly more than 2 thousand popular forum website, it is also very convenient to use.

three, to have an ambiguous subject

an ambiguous title will let people fantasize, it is easy to think, to give a person a kind of arms of Pipa half block face feeling! This will arouse people’s curiosity, naturally you will enter the theme, look at you! So you stick hits will be high and of course! The title should be associated with the content.

four, content to be controversial

content is not controversial, somebody else is just a look, rarely leave a word phrase! So content to be controversial, if you really have no good arguments, you can try to write something about men and women! Love love love, in terms of the content posted in general! I had a high rate of


five, the retie by others

to create a popular post is not an easy thing. But we can find some of those reply rate is very high at the forum postings to other forums posted, and his signature in the post add publicity or added to their advertising campaign. I post in the forum, at the end of the need to bring (reproduced from:), wow ha ha

six, long short hair

forum look stick is have no patience! Too long, no matter how attractive it is, very few people can read it! It must be long hair! How long hair? Long hair is not tell you to stick to shorten! But will a stick into paste, to keep abreast of the form! Like TV, several times! But remember not to over 7! And every once in a while to send a stick, to let people have waited for desire. Also can increase the popularity of the posts.

seven, advertising to clever

do not start Post published on the advertisement, so.

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