SNS marketing network marketing upstart

SNS as the hottest social networking sites, and happy net blockbuster, the rapid development of these two years. SNS marketing is developing rapidly, becoming a network marketing upstart. SNS marketing what are the ways and how much value today, we look at the SNS marketing.

last year the steal food to let the public know the and happy net, the two social networking sites have a huge user base among students and young white-collar workers, and as such as happy farm, game applications are sought after, people found new opportunity for social networking sites and network marketing. Currently, SNS marketing mainly in the following ways:

a, implanted games. At present, there are a number of companies for their products and advertising to the App game, as the success of the Erie milk nutrition lactose milk implanted into the small restaurant everyone in the game, Wang Laoji also developed the "Wang Laoji Park", "Tropicana" is implanted into the sunshine ranch, through the "pure fruit orchard" allow users to deeply understand its production process, promote the flavors of products, let the user in the process of playing the game, step by step to understand the product, the marketing is more accurate and effective than traditional marketing. And Intel, COFCO group and other social networking sites aimed at small enterprises play a very good marketing platform, has developed its own products and services associated with the game.

two, to create a public home page. Since Renren developed a public home page, there are a lot of celebrities and the media, companies to join them, users can become their fans and friends, concerned about the dynamics. This is the depth of the training of the user groups, on the one hand to expand their influence, on the other hand can be spread through the user’s word of mouth, to attract more users, deepen user viscosity. Like NOKIA, HP and other well-known enterprises have opened their own public home page.

three, banner ads. As the network is active in both people and the university students and young white-collar workers, which is the most important customers of electronic products and online stores, so the company provides the most accurate marketing objectives. VANCL enterprises have invested in the above advertisement.

Four, the organization named

activities. There is in organization named various activities, are generally public welfare activities, so that you can gather a lot of popularity. SNS marketing there are many other ways, the more effective on the above several.

normalizing SNS social networking sites, so it still have a brilliant future of SNS marketing, SNS marketing has several advantages for accurate target user: 1. Because the SNS user base is relatively fixed, and can grasp the detailed user data, the user can effectively reach the target to the maximum extent, whether advertising or promotion can achieve the target maximum.

2 huge user base, browse and viscosity. After two years of development, SNS site, especially Renren and Kaixin network in China has a huge user base, and viscosity is particularly high, active users >

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