Several ways to enhance the site’s pure text link weights


We in the usual

promotion, may have this consciousness, not with the anchor text, put up the mouse can not click, some generalizations can only display text links to YISHION, the spider spider, has nothing to do, in fact, whether or not the URL address with A tags do super link, as long as can catch URL will be put into a spider web site database. This form of URL network communication, but also conducive to improving the weight of the site. This is a very important thing for SEO.

below to talk about our promotion in the most common several kinds of plain text links?

a blog, forum

Now a lot of

forum signature and blog comments can not tag links, some forums, because your account level is relatively low, basically can not add anchor text links, and some forum character signature is also cannot be displayed in the anchor text, so we do not abandon a word, not? The forum! Blog may be we are often the most active platform, if our website (URL) on the network exposure rate increased greatly, is conducive to SEO, the number of everything,


two, classified information network

as everyone knows, classified information is a free information release platform, its advantage is that if you send ten classified information website, at least a month will be able to harvest the chain number more than 200 months, insist on the chain a new station will be from zero to 1000. Secondly it is also relatively high weight, if the information is optimized to be included, basically there is a ranking.

three, Q & a class

the answer to do the chain, mainly Baidu know, Soso Ask, question and answer, the question and answer is that YISHION in the form of text, and causes a lot of promotion have overlooked this point, too many to count to do know, ask, and the consequences that Baidu knew it would be difficult to add links, and ask soso links need to review, and question and answer the questions and the link is very easy, it is also an effective way to increase our site outside the chain.

four, soft Wen

soft Wen promotion has become an essential part of many of the weapons, 1, increase your exposure rate, 2, enhance the website weight, of course there is no free can send the anchor text of the soft platform, of course, if you have some money, you can buy some soft platform.

We often like

in A5, Chinaz hair article, leaving a final article by www.***.com original, reproduced please indicate the source, like this is pure text URL, personally think that the chain of the chain is not high, but if the link is a reprint, can be a large increase in the number of Baidu related domain. In order to enhance the network.

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