The 17 chart lets you know Amazon’s business scope and development speed

a lot of people think that Amazon is just an online shopping site, but it is far more than the scope of the people think much larger. Through 22 years of efforts, Amazon has become a $275 billion commercial giant. Its sales range from cloud computing services to hardware devices have everything, they have nothing to sell. See Table 17 for a look at the following, you will know what Amazon is what kind of a huge monster:

tip: Geoff · (Jeff Bezos) (Amazon founder) is also one of the investors in Business Insider. He invested his own personal investment company Bezos Expeditions Business Insider.

Amazon listed in 1997, when its stock price is $18 per share, but now has risen to $580 per share. In December 2015, its stock price of up to $675 per share, is the highest in history.


Amazon is known for its focus on long-term growth. This is also the reason why they avoid the long-term development of short-term economic income. In 2015, Amazon’s output was $107 billion, but its net profit was only $596 million.


in fact, Amazon is developing very rapidly. It is now more than WAL-MART, the largest retailer in the United states.


Amazon sells both electronic and retail groceries. The following figure shows a website that Americans often go shopping on a daily basis.


Amazon or the United States sales of personal care products and beauty products, the best reputation of the company.


it’s no wonder that half the people in the United States enjoy shopping on amazon.


now has a huge opportunity in front of amazon. Only 6% of the retail business in the United States is doing e-commerce, which gives Amazon an opportunity to become an e-commerce giant in the United states. They have a lot of room for development.


The following table in

explains Amazon’s growth in more detail in recent years. 51% of the growth rate of e-commerce in the United States is contributed by Amazon, the growth rate of 24% in the retail industry, which also includes the sale of bricks and cement.


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