Talk about the impact of a soft article

              I webmaster nets in half a month ago, made a discussion of the way the QQ station, I spent a full 2 hours, please click the QQ station to deus ex, half the rate exceeded 1 thousand in stationmaster net clicks. Http:// Wd=QQ%D5%BE%C8%E7%BA%CE%C9%B1%B3%F6%D6%D8%CE%A7  Baidu search, there have been 1700 results, at least dozens, hundreds of sites reproduced.

            we can find that the influence of stationmaster net strong and the value of the soft, in the 2 days before the day, I occasionally look at the article out case website traffic statistics, found that more than and 10 consecutive days, every day there are nearly one hundred directly enter the URL in the users, while Baidu was not included in my station, although GG is included, but the rankings are still nine. So I Google a bit, it turns out more than 50 websites, one of the most cattle B is on the DoNews, has been published in the blog page, and IT and DoNews channel home, in the article, one only changed my example URL link to his plus the click rate close to 5000.

            recently, also found in the Baidu index search QQ related keywords, when others reproduced my article appeared in the right side, the relevant news column in the  .

            but the most frustrating is that, most of the people I reproduced, leaving no stationmaster net link (starting), did not leave my link, that is the tendency of people usually more hate. Just think, even soft Wen to copy, his website content can not copy, his website can do?

            here I want to appeal to you: honestly do stand, had a heart. In fact, do stand like a man. Figure king big brother stand to do the success today, in fact, he was sincere for many years, really help the majority of webmaster friends, do it by reputation.

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