My experience in the past two years to do online marketing of industrial products

2013 October entry of the current unit, began to do network marketing work, because the company before doing a website, we took over, began to find site revision, the Company re building the site for space.


well, to start the station optimization, according to the following steps: honest

1, three, 2 page layout tag syntax type E 3, the target word density 4, determine the preferred domain URL standard 5, nofollow tag 6, position navigation (breadcrumb navigation station) 7, directional anchor text 8, 9, 10, 404 page navigation Robots.txt11, Sitemap [12], site map the weight of the station, 13 page strategy 14, website content 15, the construction of the chain

do we do, just after the website has been built, the boss suddenly changed to a place, the pages into dynamic pages, contact the station Party into a static page to another site. The results have been like that, I do not know how much impact on our website optimization, can not be considered!

the entire 13 years in the website optimization work, optimize the preparatory work is boring, the process of network optimization is a long and arduous process, network promotion work is focus on the following aspects in the.

1 blog platform included fast, can add anchor text is also so a few, some blog added links and anchor text, delete your article directly. Learned that a set, the application of the practice has not worked, only to try to dig. But read loose brother wrote "anchor text SEO effect will be more and more low" that article, I do not consider this kind of station blog

2 previously said in the forum signature file, the hair chain, this road will not work. But some forums, you send a video, domain can find the link, I do not know to Baidu webmaster platform can be found or not. Now go to the Baidu webmaster platform claims website, check the chain data and domain data is now a different

3 links we all know the importance of the link, once to link exchange platform, for a day, it was changed to a direct blow to my enthusiasm, has not done how to link.

4 B2B platform this is our most of this kind of industrial products, the effect is the best, with a variety of long tail words and product words released

5 Baidu library, know, Baidu encyclopedia and other products, the overall feeling of getting harder and harder things in Baidu. In Sina Search ask, ask, Sina share, have certain effect, but also occasionally do.

6 share our site has a key to share the function, and now the company launched a few pages a day to share, but also some special maintenance micro-blog, do not know what to do

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