Royal Charter announced the completion of B 210 million round of financing lead investor faith Ji

news January 19th, royal charter announced has received 210 million yuan B+ round of financing, this round of financing led by latitude and longitude, GF Sindh, harmonious capital and A round of investment capital with shareholders Xiao light. Left Yu capital acted as exclusive financial advisor. After August 2016, Royal chartered won by the founder and led the 120 million B round of financing.

data show that the royal charter was founded in December 2014, is the world’s Chinese private tour guide our reservation and service platform. Currently has 100 thousand Chinese company, can provide more than and 80 countries, more than 1 thousand and 500 of the city Chinese shuttle machine, single shuttle, custom car travel and tour charter service line. By the end of December 2016, a total of 1 million 500 thousand passengers outbound service users.

for the Royal Charter, its core competitive barriers in management and quality control of our end. In January 2015, Huang began recruiting chartered global Chinese secretary guide, strict qualification examination, line review, training, internship rating orders and official posts and so the whole process of recruitment system for the emperor chartered accumulated 100 thousand high-quality Chinese driver and tour guide. It is reported that the Royal Charter has been in Japan, the United States, France, Australia, Thailand and Hongkong, registered a wholly-owned subsidiary, global company completed more accelerated our recruitment and supply chain process improvement.

at present, Huang Chartered has started cooperation and multinational tourism bureau. In December 14, 2016 the Swiss tourism guide tailored for the emperor in our chartered headquarters in Zurich in Switzerland "around the" road of our training courses in our service consciousness and skills based on professional, effectively strengthen the ability of cognitive knowledge in tourism destination.

early days, only the global Chinese crown chartered shuttle service. Now, the charter also provides overseas Chinese private tour outbound users, and to create a new way to travel outbound visit. By proficient in the local language and speak Chinese Chinese driver and tour guide accompanied, not only can make the professional explanation of local attractions, culture and history, but also the driver, in the trip, help the guests recommended and scheduled in restaurants, hotels, scenic spots, show tickets and other travel and entertainment destination where required.

for the supply and efficiency of problem solving in our guide to help guests scheduled destination consumption by the end of 2016, the emperor has been chartered with Itrip reached a strategic partnership, to Australia as a pilot, instant intended function in the imperial charter our destination end APP line fragmentation products, effectively turn the guest at the destination consumer demand. In 2017, the charter will be carried out with more local fun products work closely with suppliers, providing booking tool for efficient guide to solve problems for our guests, in a predetermined instant.

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