Construction of the twelve major errors in the site

      one misunderstanding, just stay in the release of corporate image and product information

many companies in the introduction of information technology, the first thought is the company’s products, business profiles, promotional activities and other information posted on the company’s website. Such an approach is at best only a number of electronic bulletin board only, did not play the interactive function of the network. Because traditional industry operators are a conservative, so the initiative suggestion will have mostly. In fact, the site should be set up from the perspective of network marketing. In other words, whether through the network, in addition to the existing marketing channels, to provide a direct contact and communication channels between enterprises and consumers, to provide an opportunity for another business model. Therefore, the traditional industries to the site, should be given priority from the perspective of marketing executives. The second point is to think from the perspective of management, for example, in the province has many business offices or branches, passing documents between various locations or whether the allocation of resources through the website, to improve business performance.

error two, in the page filled with pictures, Java procedures, Flash, music,

is the current Internet speed, "if you add too much FLASH or FLAME, or hang too many pictures, is bound to affect the transmission speed, so that the general lack of confidence in customers easily because rather than waiting patiently for the download is complete, and the choice of Midway trip. As a result, the beautiful page will not be seen! According to our service experience, more and more customers choose practical website, do not choose too fancy website. Because there is no wait so long time to download a SHOCKWAVE program; in addition a clean, well structured web pages easier to read, customers can find the information they need in a short time, will not be disturbed by too much visual pollution. So the company’s web page does not need too many artists, because you want to see the beautiful picture, the customer has a natural site can be appropriate, do not have to waste time and money to download the customer.

if you are running your own online business, the most important task of your site is to sell your product or service, and anything else that is out of this basic principle is junk.

if you don’t agree with me, please go and see any of the top 100 websites. Take the most famous Yahoo (YAHOO) on the Internet, do you see the Java program on the Yahoo website, plugin, or have you heard the music? There’s no need to explain

error three, a long time is not updated

if a website is updated only once a month, who would be interested in this website? Of course, data update and maintenance cost, because we are not doing a professional entrance website or website, do not need to update every day; if you can do it updated weekly or every two weeks to update, and indicate the update time or notice the next update time on the site, will help inform.

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