Webmaster share guide users to consume the site should do so below

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webmaster sharing: to guide the user consumption website should do it (in), from the six aspects of how to guide users to share consumer sites, these may not master what, but for many novice webmaster, I believe certainly can get some inspiration. See the two articles have such a high amount of browsing, today in advance to the rest of the last three points to share with you, welcome to correct me.

seventh, eliminate the user’s mind problems: on the Internet shopping on everyone’s life to add a lot of fun, but there are still some netizens can not choose online shopping, why? They are afraid to buy products not suitable, if there is no guarantee of product quality, afraid to return more trouble, even cheated, these factors all the time there are, so we must go to the site to overcome the practical difficulties, these users can do of course, establish the integrity of the site is not a short period of time, need to start from scratch. For example, the quality of the products have damaged unconditional refund, the user does not have appropriate unconditionalreturn, although these may waste the cost of logistics, will result in lower efficiency, but in return the reputation, good reputation and money can not buy. For many small and medium enterprises website or personal website, the cost is not allowed, do not do, to do fine, in their own ability to do the best.

eighth, additional value-added consumption: for the user to pursue the service of the 100%, on the other hand, we should also consider the use of strategies. Additional value added consumption is a good strategy to guide consumer spending. For example, some strategies of group purchase website is worth learning, you can use some cheap or even free A products to attract users, and the real purpose is to let them buy B products, or when the user can buy A products, at the same time, B products for him. Sometimes it’s just a little reminder that gives you a lot of extra money. In addition to the above two points, the common value of consumption also includes preferential value-added, such as a dozen socks sell 10 yuan, then the fight can be sold for $15, so many users may choose to play two. You can also send gift cards, this approach is common in the mainstream B2C platform, gift cards will eventually be converted into the user’s consumption.

ninth, guide flow to improve conversion: guide traffic here including the export and import traffic flow, there will be a lot of B2C mall traffic waste phenomenon, users come to your website to browse, but can not find the products they want, if the user has unfortunately lost in vain. We can exchange traffic with similar B2C web site, as usual, go shopping, a shop if not the boss will introduce next door to the shop, so it can improve the overall sales of their website is also a supplement. Now Jingdong and Taobao have reached an agreement with each other, I believe this is also very suitable for our small and medium enterprise site and personal website. However, there are a lot of ways to guide the flow, you can directly use the link, you can also use the picture directly, no matter what the way, as long as the user from a platform to successfully guide another

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