The promotion of personal sites a week on the new site P thousands

The establishment of

personal website, the flow problem is a lot of webmaster distress, I also, hovering in this problem for a long time. Later, carefully study the experience of some experts, do two different types of Web site to do the experiment, the results of less than a week’s time, the two sites of independent IP reached 1000. Although compared to those who engage in the flow of the master, 1000IP is not what, but I feel there is a good guide for novice. Here’s my practice with your webmaster friends to do an exchange, hope that each other has better improvement.

first, the site’s infrastructure and optimization, this is the fundamental development of the site.

1, increase the original content, strengthen their own construction:

in fact, the original article is not entirely written by you, you can make a simple modification. Modify the content title, modify the content of the text, the text of the increase and decrease, change the text of the seats, etc.. Website content is to improve the flow of the core. Let Baidu, Google and other search engines automatically determine the content of your site is original, not what garbage resources. This is to improve the weight of your site is very necessary, but also allows the search engine to better include the content of your site.

2, the site must be professional:

The quality of

web site to a large extent by the site itself is determined by professional, only professional website to attract specific users. For example, I do website: Dream 365 – Duke Daquan,, absorption and finishing a lot of professional information, but also to do the optimization, the more accurate data and improve the well retain users, produced a lot of repeat. There is another website: 99 free agent – professional super fast anonymous proxy,, kernel optimization of professional agent website, and by the United States speeding server, super high speed and anonymous proxy users are most concerned about are realized, resulting in a very good reputation among the users.

3, improve search engine included in the number and quality:


included Baidu, Google and other search engines, like children without parents, the development is very difficult. If the site has not been included in Baidu, Google included, or unhappy, you can go to Baidu, Google and other high frequency of updates on the site to put their own site links. This search engine spiders may be faster to reach your site. If you do not have such a good resource, to a number of authoritative web site to open a blog. Write a few original articles. Then on the blog to do their own site connection. Because a lot of original to improve the site’s weight and included will have great benefits.

4, the production site of the soft text itself:

is very appropriate to describe the function, purpose, concept of our website. This is very important to us, a good soft Wen can not only >

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